10 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Piano Teacher

We can’t say that self-taught musicians do not succeed. Talent and hard work are always rewarded. However, a music teacher to guide you can make a big difference. And, that teacher has to be a good teacher. Half knowledge can be dangerous. One who knows less can teach you the wrong things as well. So, it is important to choose the right teacher for piano lessons in Brooklyn. In article describes, you will learn about the 10 mistakes you must avoid while choosing a music teacher. 

Mistake 1: Not Considering the full-time commitment 

When you are learning piano or any other musical instrument, a half-hour long lesson is not enough. You need time to prepare for a lesson. You need time to travel to your music school. Preparing for recitals, tests or competition, all these are not possible if you are not considering a full-time commitment. 

Mistake 2: Not Considering The Full Cost

The tuition fee most of the music teachers and schools advertise is either per month or per lesson. This is not the real amount you are going to pay for learning piano or any other musical instrument. Some teachers and music schools charge a registration fee. Then there are charges for materials and books. Common fees include:

  • Travel fee for a one-on-one in-home lesson
  • Recital fee 
  • Testing fee 
  • Fee of missed lessons 
  • Lost materials fee 

Mistake 3: Evaluate The Student/Teacher Match 

Many times, piano teachers hire the very first teacher they find. Some don’t even meet the teacher. A good piano teacher or music school always offers a trial lesson. Reputable teachers even sit with the student and conduct an interview with the student. If they feel that the student is a capable learner and really interested in music, then they make any commitment. A teacher is qualified. It does not mean that he is a good teacher. Always work with the teacher offering a free trial period. 

Mistake 4: Looking At Credentials Only   

The teacher has completed his graduation from a prestigious university. However, this does not guarantee that the teacher is a good teacher. The teacher has to be a good match for the student. You should check online ratings and reviews. No one knows the teacher better than the current students of the teacher. 

Mistake 5: Choosing A Teacher Having Different Goals 

You want to join a church choir. However, the teacher is trying to make you a classical solo performer. Your want to play some of your favorite tunes. On the other hand, the teacher is focusing on intensive music theory exams. 

Mistake 6: Choosing A Teacher Teaching Only One Learning Style 

Consider the teaching style of the teacher to make sure that you are choosing the right one. This does not mean that you should ignore the learning style of the student. Does he follow a visual style or auditory style or kinesthetic style? Is that style right for the student? 

Mistake 7: Choosing A Teacher Teaching His Favorite Style Only   

It is great to have a passion. However, it should be aligned with the passion of the student. Many teachers focus on teaching only one style. If the teacher and the student have the same style, that’s great. Otherwise, the teacher should be able to teach different styles. 

Mistake 8: Choosing A Teacher Teaching Too Many Students 

Students tend to choose one of the most popular piano teachers. It is a good strategy to choose an in-demand teacher. However, don’t learn from a teacher taking too many students. 

Mistake 9: Choosing A Teacher Who Does Not Prioritize His Students

Commitment to the students and level of passion are the two qualities you should see in the teacher.  

Mistakes 10: Choosing The Teacher The Student Does Not Like 

For the student, the lesson and music should be equally enjoyable. If the student does not like the teacher or he is not comfortable with the teacher, he can’t learn.   

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