100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Mixbook Photo Books

Custom photo books are an excellent way to keep special memories and present your family or close friends with an unforgettable surprise/gift. Unleash your creativity by telling your story your way. Develop a photo book or album uniquely to fit your personality and flair with more than 200 fonts and one of the most extensive collections of backgrounds and stickers from Mixbook.

Creating ought to be exciting, not complicated! The team of experts at Mixbook is ready to help you through all the steps if you have a concern or question about an editor or require some help with the design. Get started by reaching out to Mixbook today through live chat or email.

How to Get Started

If you are getting started, select the best photo book theme for your design or start developing one from scratch using Mixbook’s Blank Book, and proceed to personalize it according to your heart’s content with photo layouts, stickers, backgrounds, etc. You can also rotate or resize the image, add text, or even upload your logos and stickers. Mixbook offers diverse options for almost all events- you can develop a customized photo book to suit virtually any occasion. In simple terms, you have absolute control over the design process. 

Designs Made For You

For your unique memories and events, Mixbook offers an exclusive collection of design photo book templates, which are crafted attractively. Mixbook has hundreds of professional designers ready to help you through every step of the design process. Some of the featured guest designers include Studio Calico, Kelly Purkey, Amy Tangerine, Bonnie Christine, etc.

Start by exploring the diversified collection of wedding guest books and wedding photo books for some inspirational ideas. Millions of users have benefited from the vast array of themes- be it a rustic, bohemian, or modern design of exceptional quality.  

With the family and baby-themed books, you can keep unique memories such as a milestone birthday or childbirth. Develop an adventure photo book for your loved one’s vacations and trips, or annual review photo book to preserve your accomplishments and activities of a particular year.

Also, review their collection of school memory books suitable for middle school, high school, or elementary. Mixbook’s unique designs and layouts will ensure your annual book is both timeless and memorable. For those anticipating the festivities, check the holiday photo albums. These design templates cater to almost all celebrations, from Christmas to Hanukkah themes, with unmatched and flawless quality.

Why Mixbook?

Creating photo books with Mixbook is easy as you can drag photos from anywhere. Using intuitive and straightforward controls, you will have an easy time incorporating them into your design. What’s more, Mixbook offers numerous pre-designed themes available in square, portrait, and landscape orientations.

Users are likely to find something they love from these designs printed in the lay-flat photo books, soft or hardcovers. If you are not satisfied, Mixbook does not constrain users to the templates- start yours from scratch.

Are you searching for a unique photo book template? Get in touch with Mixbook and with the editorial tools, import your pictures, and start developing a personalized design.