There are some amazing facts about music that you might find totally unbelievable or even absurd. Some of this will make be interesting, unexpected or even sound ridiculous. However a common factor I that they are all true and part of the big world of music. Enjoy!

1. Loud Music Stimulates Drinking

Research has revealed that loud music allows you to drink faster than you would have without or with low volume music. Indeed, a bottle of beer takes an average of 15 minutes to finish up with soft music but 12 when it is loud. Have you been suspecting as well, now you know!

2. Music can reduce physical pain and depression

It is well known that music lifts the soul but it also lifts the physical body as well. Scientific study reveals that the body is usually in synchronisation with music through a repetitive movement. When you listen to music, you tap your feet, clap your hands, nod your head repetitively and even the heartbeat somehow adapts to the rhythm of the music being played. Indeed this physical exercise helps to reduce physical pain and maximize energy. This explains why you can work out longer or perform strenuous and repetitive tasks easily when listening to music.

3. The Inventor of the electric Guitar could not play it

Leo Fender was the inventor of the famous electric guitars. His brainchild has been played by popular rock stars and musicians and has been used all over the world. Through the creation of the electric guitar, Leo Fender has etched his name on the wall of history. It truly sounds ridiculous that Leo himself could not play the electric guitar! 

4.  Some people don’t feel anything while music is played

When music is being played, there is usually that connection; that chill; and that urge to tap your feet, nod your head or whatever. Studies have shown that this is not an entirely universal phenomenon as there are people who do not feel any such emotional connections to music. No chills, no urge to tap their feet or nod their heads; nothing. These people are totally normal as they still received pleasure from other things like food and sex and were very normal in all respect. They were happy and fulfilled individuals but naturally did not feel emotionally connected to any type of music like the rest of us do.

5. Music helps plants to grow faster

You didn’t just say plants?! Well, I just did. It turns out that South Korean scientist from the National Institute of Agricultural Biology discovered that plants usually grow faster when music is being played around them. The extensive experiment included music about fourteen classical pieces. They also found evidence that plants have genes in them that enable them to hear! This explains why music could even have any effect on the plant in the first instance.

6. The Most Expensive Musical Instruments in the world

The violins, violas and cello have experienced a tremendous boost and increase in market value in the last couple of decades. The Vieuxtemps Guarneri Violin is now the most expensive instrument in the world as it sold for about $16 million. It got its name from the renown 19th-century Belgian violinist, Henri Vieuxtemps. Another violin, the “Lady Blunt” Stradivarius used to be the expensive as it was sold for about $15 million. If you want to learn the instrument, you can get access to learning violin in Singapore by masters and tutors of all string instruments.

7. Music Boosts Overall Brain Function

Research over the decades has shown that music has huge and deep connections to the brain. It has been established that Music deepens the connection between both hemispheres of the brain thus boosting the brain’s functions. The areas of the brain enhanced include decision making, problem-solving, executive functions, creativity et cetera. It turns out that a lot is activated while listening to music and even more while playing music. So, students with a background in music performance or music appreciation have statistically done better academically than other students. The same goes for coordination, creativity, self-esteem and calculation; these attributes are all positively high amongst students with a close connection to music.

8. An Astronaut once recorded all songs of his album in Space

Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to walk in space was an astronaut as well as a talented musician. He released his first album in which all songs were entirely recorded in orbit. In his 144 days at the International Space Station, he found time to record the 11 songs of his album titled Space Sessions: Songs for a Tin Can.

9. The Christmas Song “Jingle Bells” was originally for Thanksgiving 

The Christmas classic “Jingle Bells” was written by James Lord Pierpoint in 1857. He originally titled it “One Horse Open Sleigh” before eventually changed to “Jingle Bells”. The song was originally meant for thanksgiving but gained more popularity for Christmas instead. Sleigh races were said to be popular then, in old Massachusetts where the song is said to have been written.

10. The world’s Longest Performance will last 7 centuries

“As slow as possible” written by John Cage started in September 2001 is still running at the St. Buchard Church in Germany. The performance is played by an automated organ and it progresses very, very slowly. The visitors literally have to wait for months for the chord to change and the performance is scheduled to end in 2640. In 2008, pipes were added in order to keep the music consistent. The writer, John Cage also wrote the 4’33, a composition of four and a half minutes of whole rests (meaning silence).

11. A song that sticks to your head is called an earworm

Any catchy song that keeps repeating itself in one’s mind is an earworm. It is also known as a brain, stuck song syndrome or sticky music. These songs are usually triggered by few notes in the song, writing pieces of the song or a memory that triggers the song. Usually, most earworms have emotions attached to it; either of love, sadness, happiness, pain or joy.


I am sure you were able to learn a whole lot of amazing music facts. Now, whether they look superstitious or not, these are facts backed by historical and scientific records.  Apart from fun facts, there are numerous things about music that benefits society and mankind as a whole.

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