12 Practices to Make Your Flat Eco-Friendly

Why go all green and eco-friendly? Global warming, deforestation, pollution, and trash from the walk side have disturbed our ecosystem. Below mentioned are some ways to promote eco-friendly living space.

  • Using Natural Textiles 

One of the basic steps to eco-friendly living is the use of textile products that are not hazardous to human life. It is suggested to avoid investing in items made of inorganic, artificial, and toxic materials. Prefer to buy low finished products dyed with natural colors. 

  • Opting Safe Floor Covers 

Swap your rugs with washable floor coverings, made with natural fiber and non-synthetic materials. It will add the right amount of texture and design to the floors.

  • Buying Eco-Friendly Furniture

Furniture made of hardwood material looks beautiful but is certainly against the environment. A lot of harmful chemicals are used in its finishing process. Always purchase sustainable furniture made of materials like concrete, bamboo, or cork.

  • Choosing Low Maintenance Decor

Minimalistic lifestyle proposes natural, durable, and low maintenance decor. For instance: replacing carpet with simple flooring will take less time to clean and save you from dust allergies.

  • Selecting Ventilated Flats

A well-ventilated flat offers benefits to its residents. It reduces contamination in the air to supply fresh air, cools the space, and improves the comfort of living. You can get spacious flats from recognised dealers like Edinburgh at affordable rents.

  • Adding Greenery to Your Flat

Adding plants in your flat can be eco-friendly. Indoor greenery soaks toxic and harmful chemicals of by-products. You can add different types of wall hanging plants as a statement design to your flat.

  • Going Vintage with Your Furniture

Always prefer buying retro furniture from antique dealers. You can buy an antique bureau desk, for example, and the old furniture is a safe choice as it had already off-gassed toxic chemicals years ago.

  • Picking Organic Walls

Wall paints contain harmful components like VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals). These smelly paints release off gasses that are responsible for polluting the environment. Always choose non-toxic or organic paints available in the market to colour your rooms’ walls. 

  • Reducing the Use of Scarce Resources

Do not make excessive use of limited resources. You can minimize the usage of energy by getting natural light from improved window structures. Moreover, you can use energy-efficient LEDs instead of traditional lights. Install solar panels backed with direct sunlight to illuminate your flats. These tips will help you save you on utility bills. Also, go easy with water consumption. You can conserve water by ensuring there are no leakages in pipes. 

  • Using Air purifiers

Invest in a purifier to remove impurities from the air. It will clean the air in your flat by removing dust particles, smokes, pollen, or any other pollutants.

  • Wisely Choosing Room Curtains

Hanging natural coloured curtains with white backgrounds allow you to control room temperature. Your windows’ drapes can block extreme hot or cold weather up to 30%. 

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