3 Reasons Austin is a Hotbed for Home Automation

If you were the kind of person looking to move to a city where smart homes are quickly becoming the norm, Austin would be on your short list. As one of the most important cities in Texas right now, Austin has a lot to offer. It is adding businesses and jobs. It has a vibrant cultural scene. And yes, it is a tech hotspot.

Vivint Smart Home, a company that specializes in home automation and security, recently ran a post detailing 10 of the best smart home appliances and devices that home owners can invest in. Combining their list with some of Austin’s characteristics gives us a clue as to why the Texas city is such a hotbed for home automation.

Here are three reasons it is getting easier to find homes with smart technology in Austin:

  • 1. Austin is a Tech Center

Hear the phrase ‘Silicon Valley’ and you are immediately reminded of San Francisco’s place as a technology powerhouse. But things have changed over the years. Soaring real estate prices and growing social problems have taken the luster off San Francisco’s shine. And as tech companies have started looking outside the valley, many have wound up in Austin.

Big names like Facebook, Google, and Oracle already have thousands of workers in Austin. Apple just committed $1 billion to build a new campus on the north side of town. They expect to add some 15,000 more jobs to an existing workforce of 7,000.

To put it mildly, Austin is quickly becoming one of the country’s most important tech hubs. And where you find tens of thousands of tech workers, you also find incredible interest in home automation technology. The two go hand in hand.

  • 2. A Lower Cost of Living

A lower cost of living is awfully inviting to people looking to move to Austin in search of a tech job. And why not? A high-paying job combined with a relatively low cost of living means every dollar goes further. Austin homeowners have more money to spend on upgrades because they spend less on everything from utilities to groceries.

Young people – the most likely to take tech jobs – prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than things. The one exception to this rule is technology. They consider technology an experience in as much as they use it in so many areas of their lives.

With more money to spend on technology, younger consumers are also more likely to invest in home automation features. They love the idea of smart locks and electrical outlets they can control with their phones. They love being able to check inside the refrigerator while at work so they can make a grocery list for the way home.

  • 3. Where There is Money There is Crime

One of the downsides of living in Austin is that so much wealth among consumers tends to invite crime. Austin has one of the highest crime rates in Texas. It ranks in the bottom 10% among all comparable cities across the U.S.

If you are wondering how this relates to home automation, think home security. If you were to purchase a system from Vivint, you could combine smart home features with security in a single package. You could get wireless video cameras for interior and exterior surveillance. You could get smart locks, a video doorbell, and other security features as well.

There is a lot to love about Austin. It has jobs, affordable houses, and a big concentration on technology. And that is why the city is a hotbed for home automation right now.

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