3 Reasons You Should Tone With Coolsculpting

Toning the body and losing weight are two different kinds of monsters, and so the approaches to both of them have to be different. When you’re losing weight you just want to put off as many pounds as possible, so you exercise and your diet until various parts of your body have reduced fat and your body becomes fitter.

Toning or body sculpting however is a completely different phenomenon and should be approached using a different technique. You don’t necessarily have to lose weight to tone your body. Toning is a matter of cutting out fat from specific parts of the body for aesthetic reasons as opposed to losing weight.

And a lot of treatments exist that you can reduce body fat in key locations, and one of the most revolutionary ones happens to be CoolSculpting NYC clinics’ new favorite way to tone and sculpt the body. and here are three reasons why this particular treatment should be on your radar if you’re looking to tone.

Simpler Procedure Than Most

Fat reduction treatments come in a variety of shapes, sizes, manners, techniques, and technologies, but almost all of them have one thing in common. They do some kind of damage to your body, even if it is small and easily recoverable.

But chances are you don’t want to be cut or injected just so that you can lose a little bit of body fat. While safety is not generally a concern when it comes to fat reduction, because the techniques used are so advanced, it is not exactly comforting to know that surgeons are coming through or injecting things into your body.

What I say CoolSculpting does virtually no damage to your body, I mean just that. The procedure involves no cuts, no stitches, and no injections. Because the procedure works with cold temperatures, none of these are required. The equipment used in Coolsculpting is a set of pumps, which clamp down on various parts of the body you choose to tone. Once they are placed, they begin pumping cold bursts of concentrated air, exposing the skin to temperatures of around 4 degrees Celsius which is 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. 

While it’s not exactly a pleasant summer breeze, it’s still warmer than the average setting on your fridge. So, if you’re capable of keeping your head in the fridge for hours trying to decide on what to eat, then this treatment shouldn’t be a problem for you.

And when I say hours, I really do no justice to the procedure itself. Because the procedure doesn’t take hours. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes, meaning you can get treated within your lunch break and still be functioning enough to get back to work. That’s what no happens when no cuts are involved in the procedure: you can simply stand up and leave.

So, as you can see, the procedure is quite simple and has no hassle for you, the client. But what about the period that comes after the procedure itself.

An Easy Downtime

Recovering from treatment can be just as painful and complicated as the procedure itself. Oftentimes, you’ll be asked to take large quantities of medication and use different creams at different parts of the day, making sure to have eaten before drinking some pills, and drinking other pills after eating.

Not to mention the other list of doctor’s orders you’ve probably received about how you need to avoid doing basic physical movements or avoid eating one thing and drinking another.

The only thing the clinic specialists will ask of you after Coolsculpting is to leave the clinic. Now, that’s only a joke, since if you have questions, obviously they’re going to answer as many of them as you’d like. But the joke is meant to highlight how there is pretty much no extra maintenance you must worry about after the procedure.

You don’t have to worry about taking medicine, going to physiotherapies, eating carefully, not consuming certain things. It’s all just a matter of waiting for your results to become more and more visible as time goes on. When exposed to the cold, fat cells commit, what people in the industry like to call, cell suicide through a process called “apoptosis.” The body naturally evicts the non-functioning fat cells out of the body, toning the area as a result.

And the only side-effects you’ll come across are the initial bit of aching directly following the procedure, which will naturally happen. There’s nothing wrong with this and it wears off by itself within a couple of hours, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. But clinic specialists do advise that you can take care of the treated area with basic skincare products to quell the aching or the dryness that may follow the procedure.

You Can Find it Just About Anywhere

Yes, contrary to what you think you can find CoolSculpting treatment anywhere in the country especially if you live in a big city. NYC alone has tons of great deals on CoolSculpting and if you happen to live here, you can take advantage of some of the best bargains you can find.

So, your best bet would be to take a quick look around and find different clinics that offer something that’s within your budget, but that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the treatment. 

MiracleFace MedSpa is one of these clinics that not only offers professionally performed Coolsculpting, but it offers it for a reasonable price that will suit a wide range of economic backgrounds and incomes. If you look for the Coolsculpting NYC treatment plan on their website, you’ll find a treatment package that’s definitely worth it for anyone looking to get a good bargain on Coolsculpting and tone their body efficiently, with little to no extra hassle.

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