3 Things You Should Consider Before Paying a Hefty Solar Panel Price

Going solar is not only good for the environment but also for your pocket.

Solar power is generated from solar PV (photovoltaic) panels installed in homes, buildings, and solar farms. To transform daylight into electricity, they all use the same technology. Every solar panel consists of small solar cells that convert daylight into electric current to power your lights and appliances by feeding them through an inverter. Also, you do not need to use the converted energy as soon as it is generated. You could choose to store the energy generated during the daytime in solar batteries so that you can continue using the power whenever you need it, even after the sun has set. But are solar panels worth it? Do the benefits justify the solar panel price we pay?

Depending on many variables, they are a smart, long-term investment for your house. Make sure you understand these significant aspects before paying a hefty solar panel price.

1. Carbon Reduction

Compared to coal or natural gas, solar panels do not generate greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide. If we want to fight climate change as a community and minimize the impacts, we need to reduce our emissions of C02. Investing in solar panels is the best way to do so and utilizing solar power is a great step towards making a positive environmental impact. 

2. Economics

The cost of installing solar panels might be a little on the higher side, but the economics justify the solar panel price we pay. While a solar power system can require a significant capital investment, what is implied by that is that the system can pay for itself by reducing the amount of grid energy you have to purchase.

For instance, if in 15 years, your solar power system is paid off, and the modules and inverters are guaranteed for 25 years, you will have 10 full years to enjoy the profits.

3. Energy Sovereignty

This solar power advantage is a secret one. It is an empowering feeling to own your resources, to know that you do not rely on a third-party agency and provide yourself with a safe, renewable source.

Self-sufficiency is a dying ability; one could be revived inside us by opting for solar solutions with the right solar panel price.

Knowing the advantages is not enough; you must consider other factors, like the different solar panel types. Solar panel price depends largely on the type of panel you choose for your home. There are two types of solar panels:

1. Mono PERC Solar Panels

As compared to polycrystalline panels, mono PERC solar panels are 2.5 per cent more efficient and perform better under unfavourable conditions such as low light and high-temperature atmospheres as their solar cells come with an additional back layer film which helps them to absorb scattered or reflected sunlight resulting in achieving higher power generation. Such solar panels are also space efficient and can also be fitted on small rooftops.

2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels

There are many silicon crystals in polycrystalline solar panels fragmented together, and their colour is a shade of blue with a unique and distinctive pattern from the mono PERC panels. Polycrystalline provides technology for PID (Potential-Induced Degradation) resistance. This provides a high level of protection against power failures.

You can compare solar panel prices and benefits of each type to select the most suitable option. 

It is safer for the environment to power your home with solar panels than to use fossil fuels, and it will reduce your dependence on the grid. It justifies the solar panel price that you pay. You can get maximum benefits by adding battery storage technology. This ensures that less electricity from the grid is imported, saving you money on your energy bills and allowing you to have power regardless of grid interruptions or outages. Reputed and trusted brands like Luminous offer a comprehensive range of Mono PERC panels and Polycrystalline panels at an affordable solar panel price. Check out their website and contact their solar experts today!

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