30 Days Before and After Skin Challenge of Drinking Alkaline Water

Doctors nowadays recommend drinking a minimum of 8 cups of water daily and more in case you are doing the workout. It is also said that drinking water before eating lunch or dinner promotes weight loss. Drink cold water, and it will increase the chances of burning more calories. With so many different types of water available in the market nowadays, the mere thought of hydration is enough to spin your head. 

As a health and fitness freak, I do not give much thought to best bottled water trends. Now you might question, but water is water what difference does that make? Let me make one thing clear. When you wish to eat food, you select best-quality foods like organic produce and sustainable fish, so why not do the same thing for the water?

I was trying to search for the right answer to this question. That is when I came across alkaline water. There has been a lot of talk about mineral-infused, higher-pH water, a thought came into my mind, can alkaline water be good for my health? So, I decided to change the source of my drinking water and took the best alkaline water 30-day challenge.

I took up this alkaline water drinking challenge by continuing with the same daily routine apart from the water source. My diet, workout, diet regimen and sleep patterns remained the same. Most importantly, I did not change the amount of water I drank earlier. Instead of committing to a minimum of 8 cups daily, I decided to drink whenever I felt thirsty even if that meant drinking less water. 

I recorded everything in my diary about everything that I was eating and drinking with the sleep that I was getting during the challenge. Then I spoke with a couple of doctors about the notes that I had maintained. Here’s the interesting thing. There are several health care professionals who had the opinion that the results of drinking sufficient amounts of water gave positive results. However, the benefits of a 30 day water challenge were many. There was a lot of difference in drinking water for skin before and after the challenge. It has been three months now and I have continued drinking alkaline water.

Here are the positives.

Healthy Skin

I normally cook and wash my hands on a frequent basis which makes it seem too dry. Even during summertime, I rely on moisturizer to heal my skin. After a few days of drinking alkaline water, my hands and cuticles looked less dry. After a week, I was only using hand location once a day. 

The most significant benefit was that my skin appeared to be more hydrated than before. My complexion became clearer and glow-ier each passing day. Small breaks used to form on my jawline every month, but this past week only a small portion on the chin was affected. The swelling was not visible in a few days. The redness on my skin is still visible, but it is definitely healing quickly than ever before.

Professional Opinions: Other Factors Might Be in Play

According to a reputed skin expert, Dr. Robb Akridge, “It usually takes 28 days for the skin to replenish a new layer on its surface. So, a week is a very quick time to see the results connected to alkaline water. He inquired about other factors like changes in the weather and humidity, etc. Then he told me it was due to these factors that had resulted in my good skin health.

and then informed me it was due to these factors that led to a positive impact on my skin health. He agreed that my skin was improving dramatically and considered the results impressive. However, from a scientific viewpoint, he did not accept that it was due to the positive effect of drinking alkaline water.

Improvement in Digestion

Once the seventh day of the challenge got over, I made plans to meet my friends at the pool. I had a few sandwiches. Then I had a cold brew and then headed straight to meet them. In the afternoon, we went to the picnic spot to have our lunch.

However, I was trying to avoid my post-lunch reflex, especially in the 90-degree heat. To my surprise, I never experienced symptoms like bloating, acid reflux in my esophagus, which earlier created teeny, tiny burps and sore throat. 

After a month of taking the challenge, these symptoms are completely difficult. In the one month that has passed since that week of the challenge, I have had three meals that have triggered some acid reflux.

Professional Opinions: Science Does Not Back These Claims

As per Nutritionist Dana Angelo White and Dr. Robb Akridge, the human body has the mechanism to neutralize everything so that it can function normally. This raises a primary question as to whether alkaline water maintains its pH level as it travels through the digestive system. Dana White says, “the acid in our body is constantly changing while the pH level remains somewhere between 1 and 3. There is no reason to believe that a pH of 9.5+ in such a low quantity can have a positive effect on the acidity in the stomach.” Dr. Akridge agrees that “the body has its mechanism to balance the things”; however, he gives an explanation which is still not proven, i.e., the minerals in the water are having a positive effect.

Concluding Thoughts

Here you have it the 30 days before and after skin challenge of drinking high alkaline water. There is no scientific proof that proves that your body gets the benefits that we have discussed in this write-up. However, science does not accept it. But, as a first-hand experience of this experiment, I can assure you that you will get proper hydration in both skin and digestion while drinking alkaline water. 

The changes that I observed in my body were real even without increasing the amount of water daily. At the end of the day, I felt better when I drank alkaline water. So, are you ready to take up the 30-day alkaline water challenge?

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