5 Best Android Apps of All Time

Android is flooding with thousands of Apps and keeps on adding every day. Once you go to the Google Play Store, you will be lost in the crowd of Apps and get in the confusion about what apps to download and what not!

You’re going to read about 5 Best Android Apps that make your life easy and interesting.

These are the Apps that is useful for all irrespective of their age, place, or work. All these apps are absolutely free to download and are the top-rated ones. No matter whether you are a doctor or a simple storekeeper, a student or a teacher, you are going to find the below apps for Android phones most productive for you. Without beating around the bush, quickly jump on the index of interesting Android apps.

Beard Booth Studio

This is one of the facial hair apps that lets you try different beard styles. It offers many beards and mustaches stickers which you can try. All you need to do is just take a selfie and select the beard style you want. This app is great for trying different beard styles and find the one you look the best in. 

This beard app has all types of beards – short, long, and stubble. A great app if you are looking to grow a beard and explore hundreds of beard styles.


Do you remember how many times your phone wallpaper or ringtone has changed since you bought your phone? We are sure most of you do not remember the exact number as we keep changing it according to our mood or choice. Our phone is something that we see hundreds of times in a day and anyone can get bored looking at the same background and hearing the same tone every time. Zedge brings an ocean of beautiful and eye-catching wallpapers, free ringtones, alarms and notification alerts that suit your eye and ear.

Zedge is not limited to only wallpapers and ringtones but allows you to change your app icons and set live wallpapers out of the varied categories and choices. Create your favorite list of stuff in Zedge by saving within the app without the need to download. Zedge makes your device’s appearance unique from others and stimulates you to make more use of your personal device.

Automatic Call Recorder

Readers can understand the importance of call recording where things and people are changing with the blink of eyes. In such events, call recording apps to give you proof of spoken words and the ability to prove them. Call recordings by this app can also be saved on the cloud storage apps like Google Drive or dropbox to retrieve at any later point of time. If you want to recall the conversation long back with your distant friend or extract missed words out of your chats, call recording app comes into play.

Call recordings using this Android phone app is presentable legal evidence to prove your point. The app featured you with many other functions like saving your recordings, sharing any funny call record via social accounts, delete the useless one and throw call summary at the end of every call. There are certain advanced features as well that are available for a premium.

Google Drive

It is the cloud storage application that stores your photos, documents, videos, audios, and even your contact details. Google Drive is one of the best Android phone apps that keeps the backup of all your photos, videos and documents and make it safe from being deleted. Android devices have limited storage capacity even if you have an Android smartphone of 128 GB, you might feel it lesser as we keep creating memories every minute by clicking a selfie or writing office documents or shoot videos.

Google Drive is Google’s product and hence a secure way to store all your personal or professional stuff. It provides you almost unlimited space to upload your files and folders that can be accessed from anywhere or any device. You can also download it to your device to view it offline. Its importance feels when we lose our phone or we need to access any photo or file without our phone. Hence, we cast our first vote for the most useful apps for Android to Google drive applications.


WhatsApp is the name that does not need an introduction and of course fit to be the part of our list on most useful Android apps. This Android phone app is useful in many ways whether it is for texting, sending and receiving audio or video recordings, share contacts and photos or attach documents, WhatsApp is for all-purpose. It is the perfect and complete communication package offering everything that you need to share with friends and family. The latest updated version of WhatsApp comes with video and audio call that connects you with anyone anywhere for free across demographic boundaries.

So, if you have an active internet connection, you are no longer detached from the rest of the world. Privacy is a very important factor in the online world and so WhatsApp secures your chats and media content with two-factor authentication. WhatsApp web allows you to operate your account from your desktop without the need of switching between your phone and computer screens.

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