5 Best Approaches To Improve Workplace Diversity Recruiting

Diversity recruiting has become a top priority for workplace recruitment departments. Recruiters are aware that if their company isn’t sourcing or hiring for diversity, they might be missing valuable talent. However, several barriers, like unconscious biases, interfere with recruiting the best and the most diverse candidates!

Though companies use different strategies to combat bias or prejudiced decisions to increase diversity, these solutions fall short of making a meaningful behavioral change. So, a focused approach and a sound plan to address such challenges are needed to improve workplace diversity. 

Below are the five promising approaches you must consider to attract and increase the diverse talent in your company-

Leverage AI Talent Acquisition To Reduce Biases

Even the hiring managers and recruiting leaders have biases. Resume screening through AI enables the recruiters and talent acquisition specialist professionals to automate the most hectic part of their day: screening the resumes and shortlisting the candidates.

By reducing the conscious or unconscious human bias, it enables the HR team to make better hiring decisions. AI assists the recruiters in:

  • Sourcing the candidates from different platforms, including ATS and social media.
  • Filtering the candidates based on subjective or objective criteria.
  • Targeting and engaging the right candidates for a specific job role. 

Write Inclusive Job Descriptions To Attract Diverse Candidates

Many of the companies keep using the same old job postings. Moreover, if your job descriptions include biased words, it sends subtle messages to the candidates and may prevent them from applying. Refining the job postings and qualifiers is crucial to present the most relevant information to the candidates. 

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Find out what screening qualifications really matter.
  • Instead of using gender-specific language, use neutral, such as ‘they’ will or ‘they’ should.
  • You can separate the minimum prerequisites from the preferred ones.
  • If you are writing the benefits, consider broad demographics.

Conduct a Personality Assessment Test 

The usual recruitment criteria for candidates, including what school they went to, what company they worked, etc. often decreases the diversity. A reliable personality assessment test is a great tool to assess the applicant’s skills, personality traits, etc. 

Explore The Talent Pool With Video Interviews

Several factors, such as college attendance, employment lapses, work experience, give just a vague idea of employee performance. Instead, screening the candidates based on their skills and attributes contributes to building a more diverse employee pool.

A structured interview is a good predictive factor to measure a candidate’s eligibility for a job role. The applicants can record their answers to a structured question set at a suitable time. And, the hiring team can review the responses later.

Since all the candidates, irrespective of background, answer the questions, it creates a fair evaluation process to maintain consistency in the hiring decisions. Later, qualified candidates can take a video interview.

Use Different Sourcing Methods

To boost the number of diverse candidates, you can use third-party websites to post open job roles. Find out where the applicants are entering your pipeline. You can connect with the minority advocacy groups to provide the candidates with job opportunities. 

Besides, provide the candidates with ways to browse your company and employees. The best way is to create a unique, media-rich page of your workplace, showcasing leadership, culture, employees, activities, events, etc.

Workplace diversity is all about accepting and valuing the differences between the employees based on religion, age, gender, race, skill set, knowledge, and experience. By incorporating the approaches mentioned above, you can overcome the biases and make the recruitment process equitable for all the candidates.

Author Bio:

Veremark is a digital background and pre-employment screening service that lets you check the work-history of employees. With this, you can hire real talent without judging them on their race, cast or any other personal traits. 

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