5 Best Helmets for Cruising on Your Harley

Riding a motorcycle is a great experience; riding a Harley is even better. Cruising down the road is incredibly freeing and an unforgettable way to spend your time. Of course, it is important to protect your head properly as a large portion of motorcycle accidents include a head impact. Below are five of the best helmets for cruising on your Harley.

1) HJC IS-Cruiser Solid Helmet

It is likely no surprise that Harley half helmets tend to be popular. They add to the free feeling of cruising and they match the Harley aesthetic well. These half helmet features are strong but lightweight polycarbonate composite shell. The interior wicks away moisture and can be removed and washed if needed.

The helmet also includes a sun shield. This can be a lifesaver when the sun is getting low and affecting visibility.

2) Zox Roadster DDV Freehand Helmet

This is another high-quality half helmet. Unlike the HJC, it does not feature a sun guard. However, it does have a revolutionary EPS liner system that gives the shell a narrower profile. It also has optional ear protection and a soft-padded chin strap for extra comfort. The shell includes a unique design available in several color options. Choose this helmet if you want a comfortable, good-looking half helmet.

3) Zox Condor SVS Solid Helmet With Inner Sun Shield

The ZOX Condor SVS Solid Helmet is one of the most popular Harley modular helmets. It has an integrated inner sun shield, so you can always cruise comfortably, even with a bright sun. Additionally, it is available with two shell sizes and two EPS for a more comfortable and snug fit. The EPS rear pockets are communication ready.

Modular helmets offer more protection than half and open-face helmets but are more comfortable than full-face. The ZOX Condor SVS meets or exceeds DOT and ECE standards.

4) Biltwell Inc. Lane Splitter Solid Helmet

This full-face helmet includes a proprietary ABS outer shell with an attractive hand-painted finish. It is DOT and ECE approved for crash safety. This is partially thanks to its shock-absorbing inner shell. The inner padding is hand-stitched and removable.

One of the main complaints about full-face helmets is heat. This Biltwell Inc. helmet features generous venting to help keep the air flowing and your head at a comfortable temperature.

5) Bell Rogue Solid Helmet

Harley open face helmets are another popular option for cruising. This Bell helmet features an eye-catching, matte black design that matches Harleys perfectly. There is an adjustable muzzle for extra security and comfort. Inside the helmet are integrated speaker pockets for communication and entertainment. The composite shell is lightweight but durable.

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Cruising on your Harley is the perfect weekend or holiday activity. Do not let it turn for the worse by trusting an old or sub-par helmet. Choose any of these five cruising helmets and you’ll be safe and comfortable rising on your bike. Don’t wait to start taking your safety and protection seriously. Check out some of the best Harley cruising helmets today and find the right one for you.

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