5 Best Massage Chairs For Tall People Over 6’2”

Comfort has always been a priority when buying a massage chair.

A massage chair can cause thousands of dollars but many regarded it as an investment rather than a luxury out of whim. With the relaxation, pain relief and other benefits, it can surely boost your health.

Looking for a perfect massage chair is a known struggle. It could take you hours just to search for your perfect massage chair in a showroom. The struggle is doubled for the tall people whose heigh is more than 6 feet. Massage chairs are normally crafted with the average height of users in mind.

Fortunately, all is not lost. There are quality chairs created to accommodate your body size.

But first, get to know what are the features you have to look for.

Extendable Foot Rest

Tall people usually have long legs and cramped legs are totally uncomfortable during the massage session. Be sure that the massage chair has extendable footrest or ottoman extension to adjust to accommodate your legs. This will ensure that your leg and calf muscles will get the massage they deserve.

Body Scanning

Many massage chairs now have body scanning features. When you sit in the massage chair its computer technology scans your body size and shape. This will ensure that you will receive a massage customized to your unique body profile. This is especially crucial to users taller or above average in size.

Roller Track Length

Your bank is massaged by rollers that can extend down your spine. Massage chairs have different roller track lengths. Choose the one long enough (around 30” or more)  to reach the full length of your back.

Here are some of the massage chairs that can give the best massage experience for you.

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

Taking everything into account, you can tell that Titan Pro Jupiter XL is designed for tall people. It can accommodate people as tall as 6’6” and has a wide seat.

Tall people can surely get their regular comfortable massage that begins with their neck down to the upper part of their hamstrings thanks to the roller length of 53”

Feeing the knots in your muscles?  Let the 3D massaging adjust the rollers top the perfect depth to relax your muscles and relieve your body pains.

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon Massage Chair

This massage chair takes pride in its 5 intensity levels and 3D technology. Its mechanism is designed to deliver an almost human-touch massage to most body profiles including tall individuals.

With a roller length of 49,” you know that the full length of your back will be taken care of. Its Ottoman length is even adjusted automatically to your height. 

Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair

With a simple touch of a button, you can recline your Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus to bring it into its resting position. You can even move the ottoman position. Either move it up or down to get the maximum comfort that you deserve. As if that is not enough to give you comfort, you can also extend your leg with its three-tiered leg extension feature.

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair is the first of its own which integrates Alexa with the massage features. With the help of a Virtual Therapist, you can use Alexa to give you the most personalized massage mode that you could get in a massage chair.

Initially, a Virtual Therapist will ask you a series of questions to adjust your personalized massage therapy. Needless to say, your height is one of the factors they consider.

OHCO M.8 Massage Chair

This newest innovation from the Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama has the MaxTrack Technology perfect for various body types. After a body scan, you’ll get a message with a precise point of contact while also giving you enough room to stretch.

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