5 Common Recycling Mistakes

The implications of human activity on the earth are fast becoming detrimental. The state in which our environment is in deteriorates daily, due to our interaction with the planet. For the longest time, people did not care about where they dumped their rubbish, and that was the beginning of the problem.

Over time, the garbage released into the environment creates a build-up in landfills and oceans; which, in turn, leads to the degradation of the earth and a decline in the capacity at which it can accommodate human life. 

Since people caused the problem of a poor rubbish disposal, they have come up with strategies to undo the mess they created. For instance, there has been a rise in the number of rubbish removal companies, and the concept of recycling has become popular. 

Importance of Recycling

Recycling is an environmentally-friendly method of reducing the carbon footprint through recovering used materials and reprocessing them. One of the crucial steps taken towards rehabilitating the environment is reducing the amount of waste we dispose of. By recycling, we promote the idea of environmental conservation, save on energy, and reduce the amount of waste in landfills and incinerators.

Common Recycling Mistakes 

When one decides to embrace the concept of recycling, they first need to learn the basic principles of the practice. Blindly joining the recycling fad will leave you engaged but not productive. Some of the recurring mistakes people make in recycling fall under the areas.

1. Recycling Plants

Most people do not conduct comprehensive research on where they should recycle their products. Hence, they either find themselves with a lot of recycling material, not knowing how to dispose of it, or they put the recycling products in the wrong places which defeat their efforts.

Solution – work to understand the dynamics of the world of recycling in your area. If you do not have a recycling plant nearby, you could always take some items such as bottles to the shop and others such as furniture, electronics and car parts to second-hand dealers.

2. Sorting

When you randomly throw out your trash without consideration to the idea of recycling, everything goes to waste. For most people, disposing of large amounts of rubbish can be hectic, especially during tasking projects such as renovations. In such moments, most material that can be recycled is lost. Ensure that if you expect a large bulk of rubbish, you get the services of a rubbish removal company in Sydney to assist you in sorting.

Solution – take time to categorize your trash before disposal. This makes it easier for recycling since the process of sorting can only be done from home. Processing plants cannot go through all the trash to pick out what is recyclable. 

3. Contamination

Leaving bits of food and liquid in items you want to recycle contaminates entire trucks. 

Solution – ensure to rinse out containers once you are done using them and always remove pieces of food from containers.

4. Lack of Awareness

Going into recycling without knowing what you can recycle and what you cannot, leads you into the greatest fails in recycling. There is confusion when it comes to items such as plastic bags.  Often people assume that the appearance of the material determines whether it can be recycled. 

Solution – consume as much content on recycling as possible. You will come across tips on how to determine what can be recycled. For instance, if you can go through a plastic bag with your fingers, it cannot be recycled.

5. Packing Recycling Material

After picking out to recycle, people make a final mistake of packing the material in a plastic bag. Everything in a plastic bag goes to the landfill.

Solution – sort your recycling material and place them distinctly in a bin.

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