5 Famous British Artists Who Can Be The Inspiration Behind Your Next Art Acquisition!

How do I choose the best-suited piece of contemporary art for my next acquisition? Who are the most famous, inspirational British artists? Shall I choose a contemporary art or a traditional family portrait for my next acquisition? 

If you are haunted by these questions for your next art acquisition; fret not! We understand that you wish to have the chef-d’oeuvre to light up your lives, add perspective to it, and even inspire your thoughts and actions. And want to surround yourself with timeless masterpieces from the past, to keep those ‘vibes’ flowing!

It becomes an uphill task to make the decision especially when the evolution of art is taking place. However, what has remained constant is the unmatched charm of the British paintings! Therefore we have curated a list of revered British oil painters who continue to be the inspiration of the art lovers even at present. 

1. Ponder at JOHN GEORGE BROWN’S Masterworks

Three Girls on a Swing by John George Brown - Reproduction Oil Painting

Highly acclaimed and celebrated painter John George Brown is one of the greatest British artists that the world has ever seen. Brown is internationally renowned for his strikingly realistic and eye-catching genre paintings that depict the common man’s life and activities as no artist has ever done. 

That’s not all! Brown’s genre paintings are capable enough to incite in you a string of emotions, and make you ponder about life at the same time, all by a glance of it! It’s a mystery how he approached his thought-provoking artworks with an exacting fidelity to nature. Some of the greatest works by Brown include ‘Three Girls on a Swing’, ‘Blackberry Picking’, and ‘Walk-in’, amongst many more. 

2. Thrill Your Wall with THOMAS HOSMER SHEPHERD’S Works

The Marble Arch by Thomas Hosmer Shepherd - Reproduction Oil Painting

Are you looking for an amazing piece of architectural painting to adore the best wall of your living room? Are you looking for something that not only inspires you and adds beauty to your life on a daily basis, but also makes your guests and visitors drop a jaw with admiration? Well, you need not look any further!  

Popular British artist Thomas Hosmer Shepherd has to his credit some of the most stunning paintings that depict the architectural wonders. His masterworks stand out as he brings the human marvel to life by adding people, carriages, and horses. 

Also, known as a great topographical watercolor artist Shepherd can be credited to incredible art productions like The Marble Arch, Westminster Hospital, to name a few. The remarkable reproductions of Shepherd’s works have brought at an online platform so that you can browse through them at your leisurely pace.

3.Marvel ELOISE HARRIET STANNARD’S Gorgeous Paintings

Strawberries On A Cabbage Leaf by Eloise Harriet Stannard - Reproduction Oil Painting

Eloise Harriet Stannard was a 19th-century popular British artist who had produced some of the best still life paintings that the world will ever come across. From Juicy strawberries to baskets full of enticing fruits to vegetation and flowers, her works highlight the influence of traditional Dutch still life painting. 

That’s not all! Eloise’s paintings are powerful enough to make you forget your own world, break free, and get transported to the other-worldly pressures! Considered as one of Britain’s most gifted still-life painters, Eloise also tried to create a family portrait

Her technique of applying fine brushwork and multiple paint layers creates an illusion of a naturally luminous surface to produce unbelievably realistic and stunning paintings. Notable paintings from ELOISE HARRIET STANNARD include, but are not limited to: ‘Strawberries on a Cabbage Leaf’, ‘Carnations in a glass vase on a draped marble ledge, and the one by the name of ‘Plums on a table in a Glass Bowl’

4. Grace Your Walls with GIDEON YATES’ Art

London Bridge from Southwark Bridge (Monument on left), 1842 by Thomas Shotter Boys - Reproduction Oil Painting

The Exotic Scenes of London by the Thames river, some truly mesmerizing buildings, and architectural wonders by Gideon Yates is sure to wow you and be a priceless addition to your next acquisition.  Getting one of the enchanting magnum opuses on your wall will transform the entire aura of your place, and act as your constant source of inspiration.

What’s more, you may ask? The answer: the topographic artist was known for exquisitely detailed artworks. Yates’s most prominent works include the contemporary art pieces namely ‘View of the River Thames with Blackfriars Bridge, St Paul’s, London Bridge and the Monument’, and ‘West view of New London Bridge and Old London Bridge’

5. Create an Enchanting Ambiance with JOHN NASH’S Creations

Ironbridge Shropshire 1960 by John Nash - Reproduction Oil Painting

John Nash was one of those rare artists who could make any scene on earth magically come alive and look absolutely enchanting. Born in London in the 19th century, Nash has given the world some great 20th-century contemporary art to cherish forever like ‘Ironbridge Shropshire 1960’, and ‘The Great Kitchen 1816’

 The British painter of landscapes and still-lives created incredible works that became an unconscious record of agricultural depression and its recovery. He was also a book illustrated and revealed this talent in his book ‘Poisonous Plant’.

These were only a few of the great British artists and their exemplary works, amongst the many who have created an infinite number of wonders in the form of enticing paintings, for us to admire. These beautiful, enchanting and inspiring pieces of art from the great artists are all you need to make things beautiful for you! 

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