5 Incredible Facts About in India

India is one of the mysterious nations on the globe and that mystery has pulled in the Pathans, the Mughals, the Portuguese, the Chinese, the French the British and now is pulling the US hard and fast. So, what is there in the nation, which attracts everyone in the world? This is the country where God resides and here are the most mysterious things that India has in her womb.  

India and here nature – the world tour equivalent expedition

India is a place that is rich in all type of things. She is having the grand Himalaya at her crown; she has some incredible beaches and outstanding island beaches too. N the mainland there are the best of the canyons, outstanding mountain ranges, grand fountains and waterfalls, some exceedingly dense forest resources – in one word she is having the natural resources for tourists in such abundance that a trip around India can also be sensed to be equivalent to a world tour, as you find all the topographical features here. 

Thousands of foreigners also rush down here to undergo the adventure at the hills and also through the mainlands and forest resources. The Himalaya, although containing the highest peaks of the world is still the most explored snowline belt in the world and that is not even a modern expedition but is something that has been running since the time when the nation not even have got her name. 

Exploring the historical epics

In the pages of the history of the world, the only nation whose name comes repeatedly in times and more in India. This is the nation that has her history pages printed when the subject name of history has not been assigned even. From the old times of thousands and, thousands of years to the recent past of 1000 and 500 years is the history of the nation. In one word, there is no nation and no place on the earth that is having a history of such old history. But the mysterious thing is that she is having her name at all the historical pages – ancient history, medieval history and also modern history. 

The world’s religious headquarter of one time 

Religion in India is the base and the basis of the nation. This is the only nation on the earth, where rules were determined out of religion and hence is still the only country in the planet where religion is not something that is for personal belief; rather that is the baseline of the society itself. Several religious spots of the country make her an excellent nation with hundreds of ancient aged temples, hundreds of medieval time made Mosques and even hundreds of churches made in modern times. 

India is a land of the monarchs 

The nation who is now challenging the world for democracy was once the state of the monarchs. Excellent monarchs with their excellent deeds, outstanding passions for their subjects and care of them to the subjects like a father has not been forgotten by the citizens of the subcontinent till date – they still aspire for such a monarch, who would not rule them, but their hearts. 

Excellent forts, super precious palaces and outstanding attribute for the subjects like creating man-made lakes of fresh water, creating the longest roads for public communication and establishing the best of the schools for the education of the citizens are still there in the nation stating their story, some silently in the pages and some through their relics. 

The seventh Wonder is just a monument 

The most mysterious thing in the nation is Taj Mahal. This is the monument that has been named in the Seven Wonders of the World, but one who resides in India considers that to be just like a monument, which is a significant one among thousands that are there in the country. This is mysterious, but the thing is that this mystery is explored by the foreigners after their full trip is over. 

So, in terms of vastness and in terms of tourism, India is such a nation which will take half the time t of a world trip. This is the specialty of the nation and at the same time, this is the thing which makes the people of the country immensely proud. The people here are proud for the GDP growth, for the growth in Nuclear power, for their growth in business, but the thing that makes Indians feel the pride for their country is the richest heritage in the globe.