5 Online games that kept people entertained during COVID-19 Lockdown

The sudden lockdown because of covid-19 had left many perplexed. Schedules were in a twist, staying indoors became a task and you couldn’t interact with anyone outside your house. Well maybe you could skype, but not the whole day. Staying indoors was tough because you cannot do house chores all day. And then somehow people logged on to online gaming. Online gaming has existed for a while now, but this lockdown saw an unprecedented increase in virtual participants. Yes, young and old, all logged in to have a game or two with other players. Here are 5 games that kept people entertained during this lockdown.

Apex Legends – Created by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is a game related to battle royale. It is accessible for Microsoft, PS4, Xbox and windows. In the game, 3 squads land on an island and fight with other players for supplies and weapons while the island size shrinks. The last team living is the winner. Players can be matched at random with a group or can request to join a particular squad. Apex LFG allows you to find a squad for the game and there are 13 characters you can choose from. The game has favourable reviews and is praised for diverse characters.

Escape from Tarkov – Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter game that also offers MMO or Massive multiplayer online experience. It is set in Russia where there is a war between two military companies. The players have to escape as the name suggests and there are two ways to do it. They can join one of the military companies or take precious loot. This is a role playing and scavenging game that has gained a huge following in terms of popularity.

Call of Duty Warzone – Also known as COD warzone, this is another battle royale game released in March 2020. This also allows multiplayers. It has an in-game currency – cash, which can be used at buy stations. Cash can be used to buy gas masks or killstreaks. In May 2020 it was found that warzone had more than 60 million downloads in two months, which is quite high. This shows how popular the game was and kept people entertained as they kept indoors.

PUBG – PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is also a battle royale game. In the game, around 100 players use parachute and drop down onto their island and look for weapons and equipment. They need to battle for it and players can get killed in the fight. The last standing team or player will be the winner. The game has received positive reviews and it has been used in more than ten million rounds. There are so many players for this game, because it is easily accessible on the mobile.

Fortnite – Fortnite developed by Epic games is available in three versions – save the world, battle royale and creative. Each type has different storylines from battles to zombies to world creation. This has been a widely popular game and has received multiple awards from 2017 to 2020.

These games are very popular and you have probably seen your neighbor play it or you have played it yourself. If you want a good team to play with then you can look for LFG for ranked Apex game or other games as well. Online games have literally been a saving grace when boredom struck and you are stuck indoors.

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