5 Reasons why Android is better than iOS?

If you are either Android or iOS user then you must have a debate ‘Why Android is better than iOS’ or vice-versa. I believe Android is one of the most using operating systems in the present trend. Before I start putting my views on why Android is better than iOS, let me confess that I have no bad intentions towards iOS.

A Brief introduction about OS’s I have used

If you are here on my blog MyInfo for 5 reasons, you can skip the below story and go directly to our topic below.

I am a huge fan of Nokia, ever since I started using mobile. I have changed as many as Nokia mobiles I can. The mobile OS that I very much liked that time is Symbian OS. Later, when Nokia is in a bad state, iOS and Android are rampaging in India. I have chosen BlackBerry Curve mobile and I was very happy with that mobile.

Later, I forced to choose between Android and iOS; I have chosen iOS (iPhone 4). I have started using my iPhone and I felt great with that mobile pname com skype raider. As days pass by, Nokia hit back with Windows mobiles. I purchased a Nokia Lumia 520 and satisfied with the core.

As many weeks passed by, I bought my first Android mobile, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. I was not happy at first then I keep on exploring. I started liking Android than iOS. Recently I have bought a Moto G (2nd Generation) and trust me it is awesome.

But for some unavoidable circumstances, I got a situation to exchange my mobile for the iPhone 5. I started using the same for 5 months and these are my top 5 reasons why Android is better than iOS.

Why Android is better than iOS?

I am not touching all the features of Android but the top 5 features. These are the features that iOS don’t have (at least as of now).

Reason 1: Data Transfer via USB


This is the first reason that comes to my mind when I think of Android over iOS. For god’s sake who needs that much security? For everything use iTunes and sync. In the case of Android, you can plug-in and modify whatever you need.

Transfer / delete MP3, MP4 or any other files directly

Reason 2: Web WhatsApp


Many of you out there might not consider this as a very big reason to choose Android over iOS. But people like me (who are working on Offices), can’t hold the mobile all the time and type.

Whatsapp usability became handy

Looks you are working on the computer but not like chatting

You can save WhatsApp media directly to your personal computer

Even sending files becomes easy

Reason 3: Calling app support


This is one of the best features comparatively with iOS. If you are a Line or Viber kind of free calling apps user then you must read this. Whenever somebody calling you online to your iOS mobile, you won’t hear any ring. Once you open the Line app only, you can see the number of missed calls. This is one of the most irritating drawbacks of iOS.

If you are expecting any calls on Line then open the app and wait for the call. But in Android the case is different. It is like getting a normal call only.

Reason 4: No Flash / Java Support

Yet another good feature in Android devices but not on iOS devices. Most of the applications run with Java. Steve Jobs quoted ‘Java does not worth implementing in iOS devices and nobody uses it’. Well, that’s his view on Java, but as a matter of fact, the majority using Java.


In the case of Flash support also, there is a big controversy between Apple and Abode. Steve Jobs quoted “Flash is no longer necessary to watch the video or consume any kind of web content.” Yeah! Yeah! Everybody is having their own set of reasons.

Reason 5: Connectivity during No internet connection

This might not a huge reason to say why Android is better than iOS but for me it is. I frequently use social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger vumoo, etc. While using WhatsApp, let us say we don’t have an internet connection then we can’t send any messages.

I know that you are confused to let me explain in a better way. I mostly use the mobile internet. There are times in which internet connection losses and regains. With iOS devices, during no internet connection, the SEND button will not be enabled until you got the signal. Whereas with Android devices, irrespective of the signal you can send the WhatsApp messages immediately and it will deliver after it got signal/connection. I don’t have to wait and check every time for an internet connection.


These are the top 5 reasons saying Why Android is better than iOS. Like I mentioned above these are strictly according to me. And yes! I am sure there are a few features in iOS that cannot be showcased in Android.

Hope you enjoyed the article, If you feel there are any better features of Android other than I wrote, do let me know in the below comments section.

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