5 Superstars Who Could Leave Their Clubs In January

The January transfer window is a different ball game altogether. It’s entirely dissimilar to the one happening in summer. Clubs have to assess their players and funds accordingly. Their strategy has to find some balance between retaining players and the funds to acquire the same. 

Usually, we can find a lot of free agents signing pre-contract agreements in January. But high-profile players have an equal chance to get new contracts, leaving their old clubs. 

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Coming back to the point, we have surmised a list of 5 superstar footballers who can change their clubs in January. However, it depends on the kind of offers they get.

These 5 superstar and leading footballers are:

Olivier Giroud from Chelsea:

We saw Olivier showcasing his talents when Tammy Abraham from Chelsea took a break because of his injury. He was also struggling with his form this season. But Olivier found himself back at the fringes. That happened when Tammy Abraham was back in the game with Timo Werner.

The team preferred this duo. It was evident from their results in the forthcoming games in the second half of the season. 

As per the sources, we can see that Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United show significant interest in taking him aboard. These two are amongst the Premier League clubs that we feel will compete for Olivier’s contract this January transfer window season.

Isco from Real Madrid:

Isco’s transfer can be true after his father and agent Paco Alarcon’s comment on the live radio show: El Larguero. Isco’s father certainly revealed that his son wants to move out of Real Madrid in this Spanish radio show. 

He further explained and confirmed the news of receiving transfer offers. He further stated that staying until next summer in Real Madrid would be a tough call. In other words, not a feasible option for this star player. 

It’s supposedly a better decision to make at this point. As it is, under Zinedine Zidane, Isco really couldn’t create any impact. He failed to score better goals under the deployed position in the field.

Furthermore, Real Madrid already has a better squad depth without him. Stats prove it already. We don’t see why he wouldn’t be thinking of making a shift now more than ever. 

Mesut Ozil from Arsenal:

There will be no contribution from Mesut Ozil until February 2021. That happened when he was cast out of his squad in the Premier League and UEFA Europa League. We have seen this player getting into a lot of fights and controversies already. 

This has not been fair to the image of the club entirely. But the news of him getting banned has broken all hells loose for the star footballer. 

He felt he was being wronged. He even had a cold war with Mikel Arteta for not being fair. But when news reporters got to Arteta, he had something else to say in his defense.

He lashed out, saying that the team gave Mesut a lot of opportunities already. He just couldn’t do it right. Arteta has continuously said and claimed that he has been fair to Mesut just like all other players. There has been no reason to not let him play. But seeing his stats, it was mandatory as we write.

Additionally, Mesut Ozil’s contract will last only till the summer of 2021. As soon as Arsenal gets a good offer, it won’t hesitate to sell this player.

Dele Alli from Tottenham Hotspur:

Dele Alli has almost been long forgotten at Tottenham Hotspur. Initially, he joined and spurred into the field like he was going to live like a superstar. That, too, in the Jose Mourinho era. But this Englishman couldn’t gather enough respect and limelight from Jose Mourinho in his time. 

Statistically, Dele Alli hasn’t got the chance to play any UEFA Europa League for more than 45 minutes. He was even taken out of the seven of Spurs’ latter eight Premier League games. He even got the 19th rank in the squad that teamed against Manchester United. What’s the worst? He didn’t play that game. He is watching it all from the stands. 

It isn’t a good choice to remain in the club with such a troubled team play. We would say it is a call he should take in this January transfer window. That, too, if he gets a decent offer. In other words, his next club must offer him ample opportunity to remain steadily on the field. It is equally related to his stolen limelight as well.

Before Tottenham Hotspur, this Englishman has shown some terrific gameplay. Therefore, it’s better to say that Tottenham wasn’t the right club to chisel his talent further. But there is still hope. He should get a club on his terms in this January transfer window of 2021. Only then can he be someone dependable, trustworthy, and a true leader on the field for his team. 

David Alaba from Bayern Munich:

The news of a fallout between Bayern Munich and David Alaba isn’t new. We all know that by now. The new deal simply doesn’t sit right with the player and his worth. It’s for sure that this player can leave the club in the summer transfer window of 2021, if not by the earliest, that’s January. 

Additionally, Bayern has already given much confirmation to the press. There will be no extension for David Alaba after his contract ends. Therefore, his only option is to move either this January or wait till the summer of 2021. 

Despite that, the club also claims to offer him a new deal. However, the Austrian player claims that there was never enough time for him to respond to the new deal and its terms. Besides that, Liverpool has shown interest in this Austrian. But it’s still a speculation to know if Liverpool would go for a cut-price deal for this player after several controversies. To get a confirmation, we would have to follow-up in January.

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