5 Things a Domestic Violence Attorney Can Do For You

Domestic violence is not a new concept and it’s been acknowledged as a severe case by the justice system. Up until recently, the victims of domestic violence never knew how to act against such a practice. As a result, in most cases, the victim tries to leave the situation as it is. They feel trapped in the situation partly due to their decency, party due to the presence of children, and partly due to the fear of more vigorous abuse. 

Victims of domestic violence need a framework of actions that only a domestic violence attorney can fulfil. The assistance of an experienced person in this field can help you get your pride back. There are some tasks which only they can handle otherwise it would be difficult for you to complete those formalities. Furthermore, it’s their professionalism that makes the process really smooth. 

Here are some jobs that he can do in a critical situation. 

Preparing for a restraining order

A restraining order, also known as a protective order, means that the abuser cannot make any contact with the victim. He/she cannot enter into a certain radius of distance. There are certain situations when the abuser can not live in the same building/home. This requires some formalities before such a relief for the victim. 

Filing a lawsuit for domestic violence

The domestic violence lawsuit allows the victim to seek compensation for medical or financial loss. The recovery can also be asked for all the pain or suffering the victim has gone through. Ticking all the boxes, the domestic violence lawyer will require just a few formalities from your side and complete the lawsuit process. 

Filing a divorce

As most cases suggest, if the abuser is a spouse, the domestic violence defense includes filing a divorce. The attorney has everything in store to assist you in the process. He/she can help you exercise your right to spousal support and realize the share of your marital property. Divorces can be quite complex in some cases. For example, determining the value of the marital property, custody of children, raising the children, and much more. 

Determining the custody and raising of children

If the abuser is a parent of your child, the lawyer can help you get their custody as well as financial and moral support from the other parent. You won’t necessitate the whole financial responsibility on yourself but taking the custody is in your hands. Whatever the case may be, the children must not be on the receiving end of occurrences regarding their future. A domestic violence lawyer will help you ensure the same. 

Presenting your side in the court 

He will also act as your advocate in the court against the abusive party. This is what many people really think they do but there’s a whole lot of effort behind the scenes. The research, details, initiation, counterpoints, conclusion, etc. everything is in their hands. Sticking to the legal framework is also something they ensure from the beginning. 

Although there are many functions of a domestic violence defense lawyer, not everyone is equally competent. Dealing with a domestic violence situation is challenging in terms of emotional and legal competence. The one whose skill set matches the complexity of your case will be the one to go for. Never compromise on what your lawyer has to offer because his/her actions can decide your future standard of living. To determine your lawyer’s experience in the field, ask your doubts without any hesitation. Organize meetings with a few and discuss your case. Don’t worry, your information will be kept confidential. 

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