5 Tips on How to Extend the Efficiency of Your Life Water Heater

The nights can get extremely cold in Australia. For this reason, hot water systems powered by electricity have been a mainstay in Australian homes. Electricity is cheaper than gas. What’s more, electricity is more energy-efficient than gas. Installing a hot water system may cost around $660 to $4800, depending on the system type. It may even go up higher. 

To reduce costs; it is important to maintain the availability of hot water by having efficient hot water systems like those from Rapid Hot Water, a reputable hot water system provider right here in Australia. Here are five tips on how to extend the efficiency of your life water heater.

Remove sludge

Even in hot water, debris accumulates in the form of sludge. Sludge is comprised of sediments, minerals, and other particles in the water. Sludge can decrease the efficiency of your hot water system as it now has to increase the pressure of water to deliver the same amount. It puts increased stress on water pipes and other parts of the hot water system, which may lead to an earlier schedule of maintenance. Removing the sludge will make the system deliver uninterrupted hot water, saving unnecessary costs.

Adjust thermostat

Lower demand in the hot water system can decrease the stress on the system. It can diminish the need for more frequent maintenance in the hot water system. Adjusting the thermostat to your level of comfort can significantly reduce energy costs. There is no need to set it at a temperature that is higher than what you need. Some people even insulate some parts of the pipes connected to the water heater.

Annually test the temperature-pressure relief valve

Watch out for leaking water from the valve because it is a sign of increased water pressure. If the temperature-pressure relief valve does not work well, the tank may exceed pressure limits. Some people install an expansion tank to accommodate increased pressure limits. Check for the manufacturer’s recommended setting for the pressure-reducing valve. Higher pressure will damage the hot water system; this can even lead to fires or even an explosion in your home.

Test for short circuit

It is one of the things that you must check for in a delicate system such as a hot water system. If you don’t know how to test for a short circuit, you can ask a professional to do it for you. A short circuit may lead to your hot water system not functioning well, resulting in it not working. Worse, it can even lead to an injury. In some instances, a short circuit leads to a faulty hot water system. Since a short circuit generates more heat, the accumulation of this heat may spark a fire or an explosion.

Get maintenance

Depending on use, your hot water system or other systems can have diminished functions earlier than expected. For this reason, it is paramount that you get professional hot water system maintenance at least once a year. You can also schedule this check-up on a more frequent basis. Changing a part of the machine is way cheaper than replacing the whole system.

A hot water system may add value to a home. Maintaining its maximum functionality at an efficient state can prolong the life of the machine and consequently, ensure house safety. With such an expensive and delicate machine, taking for granted its maintenance will result in high unexpected costs. However, you can always rely on professional services like Rapid Hot Water to come to your rescue should any problem arise.

Author:  Sarah Williams

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