5 top romantic places in Europe

Romance shouldn’t come at a specific time. You need not wait for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or anniversary to express your love. Whenever you both could steal a few days, you must enjoy a romantic getaway and what better than Europe. Picking a few most romantic places in Europe is extremely difficult and yet we have for you 5 top romantic places in Europe that you can visit with your sweetheart.

Venice, Italy

When it comes to romance in Europe, Venice is the first name that pops up in our minds. If you visit in February or in autumn, you will see why Venice is called the most romantic place in Italy and also in whole Europe. In February the carnival will take your breath away and in autumn, Venice remains almost free of the tourist crowd. Wander around the city together holding hands and get lost in its streets and along the canal. You can also enjoy the gondola ride and don’t forget to kiss your love under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset as it is said that doing that guarantees eternal love.

Santorini, Greece

You can’t miss mentioning Greece, especially Santorini when talking about romantic places in Europe. This Greek island, it’s every corner, is loaded with romance and tenderness. That’s why it is one of the most popular destinations for weddings and honeymoons. Santorini has a crystal blue sea and its cliffs are full of white cubiform houses that look mystic. It defines two principal towns of Santorini- Oia, and Fira. The Minoan volcanic eruption that occurred 3,600 years ago gave Santorini its rugged coastlines. And according to the rumors, it is said that the mythical Atlantis city is hidden deep underwater nearby. If you are lucky, you might discover it. What say?

Prague, the Czech Republic

What makes Prague more enticing is its mysterious history. And as they say, love is the greatest mystery of all. If you want to soak in all the romance Prague has to offer, visit in Spring when it shows its romantic soul completely. Hold hands and take a stroll in the Petřín Park among blossoming cherry trees to feel the romance in the air. Later stroll past the Franz Kafka Museum. And then you can walk to Vltava river where on the banks, you can let a pair of white swans take your breath away as they glide beneath you. 

Bruges, Belgium

With old bridges, mighty willow trees, and elegant looking buildings, Bruges is called a medieval fairytale often. The best way to explore this fairytale is by water. Taking a trip through the boat, you will be able to notice many little but charming details. At sunset, saunter along the ‘green canal’- Groenerei. Be it any weather, Rozenhoedkaai can always make a stunning impression and that’s why it is the most photographed spots here. When you walk through its empty cobbled streets, the sound of your footsteps will make you feel that only two of you exist in this magnificent medieval world. 

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria created this architectural wonder in the honor of  Richard Wagner, the world-famous composer. Neuschwanstein Castle is a lot more than just a charming building, it is a paradox. You see, it was built in the 19th century when castles had no use for strategic or defense purposes. The sheer desire to proclaim the romance and beauty brought this castle to life. And this castle looks like it is taken out of the fairytale into the snow-laden mountains that is because its design has inspired the logo of Walt Disney.

Travel places in Europe are all about romantic places. We were tempted to put a lot many names of the places that are truly romantic and out of this world but these five stole our hearts away.

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