5 Unique ways to connect with your partner

It is important to find innovative ways to connect with your partner to sustain your relationship. There are ups and downs in any relationship. If you have also hit the rough patch in your relationship, then you must put in some efforts to connect with your partner. 

If you feel that the spark is missing, then do something about it. You feel the spark only when you have sexual chemistry, companionship, intellectual connection, emotional sensitivity, and spontaneity. You might have felt that at first but, if you feel that it is not the same anymore, then read on.

1. Cook together

You will have to spend time with each other. If you are living together, then it will be easy to do that. However, if you are not living together, you will have to set your schedule accordingly. However, one thing that you can do together is cook. Instead of going out for dinner, try staying indoors and cooking. Do a substantial thing together will definitely increase the bond between both of you. When you do something as a team, it helps you in synchronizing and collaborating at a better level. 

2. Get lazy together

A lot of people always recommend doing things together. However, it is not important to always do something productive together. Instead, one weekend just is lazy together. Stay in bed and watch TV together. Just order the food and be laid back. You can tell all your friends and relatives that you are busy for the weekend but, instead do the opposite. In this way, no one will disturb you as well. Just keeping your mind free will give you ideas and thoughts that might help you communicate in a better way with your partner. 

3. Write love letters

Love letters have become ancient in this digital world. However, they have more impact as compared to digital messages. Written words help to develop your thoughts in a better way. Take your own time and write to your partner. Tell them how they make you feel and why you love them. Everyone likes to hear good things about themselves. Also, everyone likes to hear, “I love you”. Sometimes, it so happens that we do take things for granted in our routine lives. You might love your partner but, you forget to tell them. Hence, it is a good idea to write a letter and let them know without any occasion. At the same time, it does not have to be fancy. Just write how you feel and it will reflect your genuine feeling for your partner.

4. Add some fun

If you are constantly together, it is quite possible that the conversations will become stale. Hence, to add some fun, you can always invite someone over. Go on a couple of dates or host them at your place for dinner. Play games and bond together. This can also be a unique way to connect with your partner. You can let the couple lead the conversation. In this way, you will be together yet, your conversations will not be old. 

5. Play some games

You can play some games to connect with each other. One good game is the jar game. You both can have jars of your choice. Make small notes and write the activities that you will like to do with each other. Then take turns and pick out the chits every weekend from the jar. In this way, it will be spontaneous and fun too. At the same time, both of you can do the things you like with your partner. You do not always have to go with the flow. Be creative in writing the activities down. This activity will bring back that spark in your relationship

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