5 Ways to Add Colour to Your Home through Styling

Colours set the mood and tone in a home. Some are lively and energetic, while others are calm and soothing. Regardless of your preference, you cannot do without colour. Here are some innovative and exciting ways to make your home more colourful and inviting.

Paint the Front Door

The first thing a visitor sees before stepping into your house is the front door. You can make a great first impression by painting it with warm colors that are inviting and reflective of your personality.

Moreover, a freshly painted door shows that your home is in a pristine condition. Dark hues indicate that you prefer a sophisticated style, while bolder shades of red and yellow indicate that you love the color. On the other hand, unexpected colors show that you enjoy a surprise.

Hang Artwork

You don’t need an extensive collection of art to make your home colourful. A few paintings, photos, and posters can help improve the aesthetic appeal of any room in your house.

Besides adding color to your property, hanging artwork adds another dimension and showcases your taste. A home looks and feels occupied when there are a few pieces of art on the walls. If you are starting out, or moving into a bigger house with bare walls, the internet is an excellent source for artwork from different genres.

Add Flowers and Greenery

The easiest and most versatile way of making your home pop out with color is by adding bright flowers. Some of the popular ways to arrange flowers include in an ornate or grouping. You will, however, need to invest in a vase or a large bowl where you will place the flowers. Even better, you can change your flowers regularly according to your moods, time of the year, or occasion.

Alternatively, you can use potted plants to add green to your home. In addition to being beautiful, greenery purifies the air and makes the house more comfortable. The good thing about potted plants is that most of them are hardy and don’t require extensive care to flourish.


Another smart way of adding color and varying the tone of your room is by changing your accessories. For instance, you can swap your throw pillows and blankets to reflect each season of the year. You can also invest in accent lighting. Although it is inexpensive, this trick can elevate the mood in your home dramatically. Make sure that you have several sets of accessories so that you can change the ambiance in your room when you feel like or according to the occasion.

Renovate Your Furniture

Refurbishing vintage furniture is the best way to breathe life to something old. Besides being eco-friendly, this move allows you to salvage history. One of the ways to recover old furniture is by painting it to restore its original color and obscure the stains and markings it might have after extended use. If you cannot paint, you can invest in new covers and fabric, although this is costlier.


As seen above, there are multiple ways to add color to your home. Most homeowners wrongly believe that colorizing your house is limited to painting, while there are several ways to do it. Even if you live in a rental house where painting the walls is tricky, it is not an excuse to live in the dull surrounding.

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