5 Worst Dog Breeds for Kids

While dogs are popularly regarded as man’s best friend, there are unfortunately some that are just not a good fit for kids. If you have children, especially small ones, and are still considering owning a dog of your own, here are three dog breeds you probably should stay away from.  

1. Alaskan Malamutes

Despite looking so fluffy and huggable, Alaskan malamutes pose a huge threat to small kids. And surprisingly, it’s not always their aggressiveness that you should be concerned about. On the contrary, these furry dogs, especially when they are young, often tend to be too playful. And when these playful giants start running around the house, even a full-grown adult would probably end up face flat on the floor when these furry giants accidentally crash against you.  Can you imagine if young kids get in the way?

2. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas may be small and adorable with their fashionable dog clothes on, but they can sometimes be overly feisty. These dogs have been known to display aggressive behaviors toward anyone or anything they perceive as threats – not such a comforting thought when you have little children running around the house. 

And with the Chihuahua’s small frame making them look like toys, children just can’t help but want to touch them. This often leads to conflict and injuries on both sides.

3. Greyhounds

Greyhounds love their peace and quiet, which is exactly what they will NOT get when you have kids running all over the place. When they feel threatened, they sometimes freeze or become territorial.

You do not want your children anywhere near them once these dogs become annoyed or threatened by the young ones.

4. Rottweilers

Despite the protests and loving testaments of Rottweiler owners worldwide, this breed is still considered one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. With human conflicts resulting in deaths, Rottweilers are even been banned in some countries. 

However, for those places where they are not banned, these large and muscular dogs often serve as guard dogs because of their imposing physique, loud barks, and intensely protective nature. According to Rottweiler owners, in order to defend their master and territory, these loyal dogs will even fight to the death. 

5. Pitbulls

Bred initially for fighting with other dogs, these canines are gifted with strong jaw muscles, broad shoulders, and an impressive muscular build. In fact, some popular pitbull individuals are so strong, they have been known to pull cars and trucks. However, strength is not what makes this breed unsuitable for kids. 

It is the pitbull’s unpredictably aggressive nature that makes it a constant danger to children. With violence bred in their genes, these dogs carry the potential to lash out violently at anyone that can trigger its aggressive or protective instinct – children included. 

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