6 Techniques to remove acne scars

Acne scar treatments

Acne scars are undoubtedly stubborn and there is no single treatment that suits every individual. Active breakouts are common among both genders and are really frustrating. With proper treatments or some time even if left as it is, acne disappears in a few weeks. But the acne scars left behind are the real terror. Most of the time acne leaves behind horrible scars, which are not possible to get rid of easily.

Acne scars are embarrassing and make an individual self-conscious about their skin. Let us delve deeper into this subject and enlist the possible acne treatments available. But even before you start with any specific treatment, it is important to get rid of acne pop up forever. This is essential because even after completing the treatment, new acne breakouts will again lead to acne scars. 

Dr. Navin Taneja, founder of The National Skin Centre is a qualified dermatologist with vast experience and international accreditations. In his words, there are some specific acne scar treatments, which can be continued alongside with acne medications. Consulting with a professional dermatologist is the most appropriate choice before deciding upon a particular acne treatment. The different types of treatments are as follows:

1. Dermabrasion

In case of severe scarring, Dermabrasion is the most suitable choice. This process involves removing the upper skin layer using a rotating wire brush. The acne scars on the surface area can be removed completely with Dermabrasion and the deeper scars will become less noticeable.

2. Laser resurfacing

In this procedure of acne scar removal, laser light is used to improve skin appearance.

3. Rolling or needling

In this process, a needle-studded machine is rolled over the epidermis to stimulate the tissues beneath. This is a simple, safe and effective acne scarring technique. The treatments may need to be repeated.

4. Energy-based procedures

Radiofrequency devices and pulsed light source devices help to make acne scars less visible without damaging the epidermis of the skin. The final results are subtle and it is necessary to repeat the process.

5. Botox injections

At times, the skin around the scars puckers. Botox or Botulinum toxin injection is used to relax the area, improving the appearance of the skin. You need to repeat the Botox injections periodically.

6. Surgeries

There is a minor procedure that is known as punch excision. In this process, the doctor cut out the acne scars individually and then repair via skin grafting or stitches. Again, subcision is another technique that involves the insertion of needles beneath the skin to reduce the firmness of the fibers below the scar. This helps to enhance its appearance.

No matter whichever process you prefer, it is important to talk with your doctor first. He can suggest you the best option considering the essential factors.

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