7 *NEW* Easy To Adopt Employee Appreciation Ideas

One of the easiest ways to seep into the hearts of your employees is to appreciate them. Be it in front of people or in a one on one, be it in written or verbally- IT MATTERS. Complimenting people in day to day life, in general, is known to boost their confidence. Likewise, when an employee is praised for something big or small that they have done at work, they end up feeling more enthusiastic and driven. 

In fact, that can also encourage them to think more for the growth of the company and share new innovative or personal ideas with you.  

So, here are 7 new and thoughtful ways to appreciate your prodigious employees. Let us begin! 

Food truck

Food is not just the cheapest way to keep employees happy but also our most favorite and we are guessing once you implement it, it will become your employees’ favorite too! While you can give small treats once a week, we are asking you to take it a step ahead. Why not get a food truck to your workplace? It can be an ice cream van in summers or a pizza stand as well so that the employees can choose what they want to be treated with. Also, make sure this a surprise for them so that they are happier and sense that you have put a special effort. 

Rescue puppies

Let go the bring your pet to work norm and take a step ahead. Get in touch with a local animal shelter or rehoming center and invite a few of the residents to your office. Not only will this be a great exercise to boost the morale of people doing such good deeds for the animals in trouble but also help your employees release the work pressure. Don’t keep it as a surprise as some employees may even dread dogs. It is better to announce the same using HRIS software India. 

Fundraise matching

While it feels good to think that your employees are only dedicated to your company’s growth, it is just your presumption. In reality, employees have some goals or charity causes they support. For instance, one employee may be working with an NGO or interested in raising funds for some good cause. So, make sure you know what your employees truly support and work towards so that you can support their goals as well! Use HR and attendance management software to collect the amount. If the employees are willing to contribute, you can cut the amount directly from their salaries without any hassle. 

Social media days

Social media has without any doubt given birth to a lot of fun and weird days. All we are asking you to do is leverage them when you can. While there are celebrations like pizza day that everyone in the office will love, there are also days that can make you and your employees a better human-like an act of kindness day. 

Early punch out on a Monday

Production on a Monday is never on the hike as employees are either in the weekend hangover or just reluctant to get out of bed or in the mood to work. You can use the attendance management software to keep a track of work hours. Also, don’t forget to mention that Monday is fully paid if the employee completes 4-5 hours so that their salary is not cut during work hours. 

DJ for the day

Our second favorite thing has to be DJ day only. You all can come together to mutually decide the DJ out of your employees or select one using a chit. And then, the day can call for drinks and dance at work to foster bonding. 

Company TEDtalk

You can organize a TEDtalk sort of an event at your workplace where all the employees can share their life experiences which can be related to personal or professional life. You can even consider inviting a client or an expert at the workplace to give a motivational session. 

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