7 Reasons to Start Drinking Organic Coffee

Sipping a nice cup of coffee is fantastic in the morning. But if you’re drinking non-organic coffee, you might want to think otherwise. 

If you didn’t know, conventional coffee contains a lot of gross chemicals. A few are pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides. It’s discerning, to say the least, knowing all that is going in your body!

What’s also disturbing is that over time, ingesting chemicals produces negative symptoms. People often experience headaches, allergies, skin irritations, and more. 

Have you been thinking about switching over to organic coffee? If so, that would be a wise decision for so many reasons! One reason, among many, is that it improves the environment! 

Check out some pretty compelling arguments on why drinking organic coffee is the way to go. 

1. It Offers Nutritional Value 

You’ll be happy to find out that organic coffee is chock-full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. 

All these minerals are excellent for your health and immune system. This means you’re less likely to come down with the flu and other illnesses. It’s also a cancer-preventative.

These positive effects are vital. There are already so many foods, and things out there are harmful to your health. Allow organic coffee to instead give you a health boost! 

It’s pretty cool that you still get to get a caffeine fix and strengthen your immune system at the same time. 

Organic coffee also fuels you with more energy (and not just from the caffeine)! Plus, it also does wonders for your brain function!

You can feel good knowing organic coffee tastes delicious and offers endless health benefits.

2. It’s Produced Without Chemicals 

It’s true that organic coffee is rich in vitamins and minerals. Farmers growing it without using chemicals or fertilizers makes this possible. 

Organic coffee gets treated with things like chicken manure or coffee pulp. Even though it sounds gross, it’s actually a lot better for you! 

Not containing any chemicals also have other perks like tasting better (more on this later). 

3. It’s Easy to Make at Home

Many coffee shops now offer organic coffee, but sometimes it’s easier to make it at home. 

If your favorite cup of organic coffee costs more at the coffee shop, brew a pot at home! You’ll have control over what type of beans you buy and which companies you’d like to buy from. 

You’ll love perfecting the art of brewing and may even be so bold to try the pour-over method! A tasty, more flavorful cup is just what the doctor ordered! 

4. It Tastes Better 

We mentioned taste, and that was intentional. Did you know that drinking organic coffee also tastes incredible? 

Since organic coffee beans are grown without chemicals, they absorb more nutrients. These nutrients come from the soil when coffee grows in higher altitudes. 

Beans grown in higher altitudes may take longer to develop. But, coffee in higher altitudes has enhanced flavor and antioxidants! 

Drinking richer and tastier coffee sounds pretty appealing, don’t you think?!  

5. It Improves the Ecosystem 

Coffee made on organic farms benefits the ecosystem in many ways. 

A few things forested, organic coffee enhances is: 

  • Soil fertility
  • Handles inclement weather better
  • Keeps regional ecosystems alive 
  • Makes things safer for farmers

Drinking organic coffee that keeps our earth around a lot longer is yet another beneficial impact. 

6. Farmers Get Paid More

If a coffee farm is fair trade compliant, that’s good news for farmers! They get paid more, and so do their employees. 

Since coffee beans are raised without chemicals, farmers can charge more for it. Due to the added expense, farmers naturally get paid more as well. 

We’re glad their hard work keeps us, and the environment in good shape pays off! 

7. Farms Use Fewer Non-Renewable Resources 

We already know that organic farms are more environmentally friendly. But, it also turns out that they use fewer non-renewable resources. 

One example of a non-renewable resource is petroleum. Cutting out chemicals like petroleum prevents it from harming people’s health. It no longer ends up being in the drinking water and soil. 

Plus, chemicals can also spread in the air. Organic farms prevent them from traveling to nearby neighborhoods and affecting families.


As you can see, the benefits of drinking organic coffee are endless. In some cases, it may cost more, but you can’t put a price on health! 

Support farmers who work hard to produce beans that promote good health. Plus, it should also make you happy that you’re helping the environment! 

Once you switch over to organic coffee, you’ll never go back to the conventional kind. Plus, you’ll be eager to spread the news to all your coffee drinking friends!

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