7 Safety Gears That You Must Put On Any Construction Site

All the people working at a construction site, building site or a renovation site would have heard of Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE),  and PPE is not just a term to make note of, but rather it is the safety gear that must be worn at all times while on sites. The consequences a simple mishap could have on an individual’s lifelong well-being are the biggest reasons as to why safety clothing is essential in the workplace. Listed below are the 7 safety gear that you must put on any construction site.

1. Protective gloves

When working with hazardous chemicals, glues, and other substances on a construction site, it is important to wear gloves. It protects the hands from any kind of cuts, abrasion, infection or contamination. The gloves being used should fit well, and it is required that you wear the right type of glove for each industry. For instance, someone who operates with fire would be required to wear high-quality leather or any other fire-resistant material-based gloves. 

2. Earplugs

Workers who are exposed to loud sounds usually use earmuffs or earplugs. It is advised to wear a hearing protector if there is a noise level that is more than 85 decibels at any workplace. The hearing protectors would not let the noise in, thereby reducing hearing loss. 

3. Full-face shields 

A full-face shield will protect your eyes and the rest of the face. Face injuries are serious and are followed by serious consequences, thus, wearing a full-face shield at a construction site is very important. Full-face shields are also worn where the process involves cutting, grinding, or chipping. It saves the face and eyes from hazards of flying objects, infectious materials, glass materials, metal particles, dust, road debris, and the worst of all, acidic or toxic chemical splashes.

4. Goggles

Goggles secure against eye perils – while working within a site that has flying particles, liquid metal, and hot fluids. A tightly sealed pair of goggles is required to ensure the safety of the employee’s eyes. This keeps any articles or fluids from sneaking past the space between the face and the eyewear. Goggles are likewise used to be shielded from any industrial or construction particles, which can generally enter the eyes. In the event that you are working in a zone that has particles, flying items or residue, you should, at any rate, wear glasses with side protection.

5. Helmet

A helmet is a sort of hat that is prevalent in work environment conditions, for they act as a shield to the head and protect, perhaps the most important part of the human body from any damage caused by falling objects, an electric shock, or collisions. A safety helmet is commonly used at any construction site. A look at trusted workwear suppliers such as Workwear hub shows various helmets that you may find useful. 

6. Shoes

A steel-toe boot is a durable shoe with a toe protective reinforcement that helps to protect the foot from any injuries or any kind of damages from a collision with heavy objects. It is usually combined with a mid-sole plate that protects against fractures, aberrations, and punctures. It is necessary to wear a pair of safety shoes or boots while at work in any construction or building site, where there are incidents of objects falling. 

7. Respiratory protection or masks

Respirator face masks must be chosen after considering the size of the dust particles onsite. This is a big hazard that you are posed with, and prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals in the air can lead to a variety of health issues if it continues for the entire course of your job. It can also lead to chronic illness, so we would suggest you choose the ideal masks or respiratory protection for your specific environment. 

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