7 Things You Need to Know about Making a Safe Homemade Skin Care

Do you care about your skin? Does checking out beauty products at a cosmetic store makes you think twice before making a purchase? Our skin is one of the most sensitive and largest organs of your body. Our skin is being exposed to cosmetics and beauty products that we buy, without even knowing about the ingredients being used. To be honest, a single beauty cream holds a dozen chemicals and toxins that harm our skin in the long term.

We know what you must be thinking at the moment, where to go now, right? Well, have you ever thought about making a safe homemade skincare? Because when it comes to skin, we are sure that you wouldn’t want to compromise, right? Check out the collection of Michael Jackson costume on Star Wars Jacket. The homemade skincare products are made of natural products, which results in glowing our skin with long-lasting and real beauty. Well, here we are, with 7 key things that you need to know about making a safe homemade skincare. Let’s give it a read:

1. Choosing the right formula

The crucial step in making a homemade skincare is to find the right formula. By formula, we mean the ingredients that you will make react with each other, to form a skincare product. The formula that you end up deciding, must be efficient in nourishing your skin as well as safe and stable. Choose the ingredients for your skincare wisely, go for the ingredients that are the finest and botanical. Ensure to consider the reaction of the ingredients, when you make it react with the other ingredients. Once you are done with the selection of the right formula, you have to now find a professional formulation.

2. Adding a natural preservative system

Cosmetics and skincare products contain preservatives. The purpose of adding preservatives to skincare products is to protect the products from yeast, mold, and bacteria. A preservative system must be broad-spectrum, which means that it should serve the purpose of securing your formula from microbial growth of bacteria, which could harm your skincare product. As the skincare product contains water, it is vital to use a strong and natural preservative system to keep it secure.

3. Choosing the correct container

As cute it looks to use gorgeous containers for your homemade skincare products, choosing the right container can help to keep your formula secure and stable. Using hygienic containers to store homemade skin products is important and essential. Try to go for an air-tight container, so that it may be hard to get contaminated. You might consider choosing a drop dispenser or a spray to get the product out of its container, rather than opening the entire container and exposing it to contamination.

4. Producing the right amount

One of the best tips of keeping your homemade skincare product secure and stable is to produce it in less amount. As you cannot know the expiration date of homemade skincare products, producing a less amount of skincare products can help to keep them fresh and safe from contamination. When you make a product in bigger volumes, ensure to add Vitamin E or rosemary CO2 extract so that the product degradation slows down. Microbial growth can happen faster, so we suggest you to produce less quantity of water-based skincare products.

5. Measuring the ingredients correctly

The only way of producing the right product is to ensure the perfect measurement of every ingredient. Be it water or solid, use a digital scale to measure the weight of the ingredient that you are adding to your skincare product. Ensure to find a good scale as well. The rule of setting the volume of liquid ingredients vary from their density to temperature. Make it a habit, to write down your formula with the exact measurement of liquid and solid required.

6. Following the recommendation of usage

If you wish to produce your own homemade skincare product, the reason behind it must be hygiene. When you are creating a skincare product at home, ensure to follow the usage recommendations. Not only the products used can create a perfect skincare product, but the reaction that every ingredient ends up when interacting with the others. You have to follow the usage recommendation which is given on the cosmetic, because if mess the usage calculation, you might end up developing a product that could harm your skin. The same goes for the preservatives. 

7. Good Manufacturing Practice

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the practice of avoiding contamination at any stage of producing the skincare product and even after that. The success of your homemade skincare product depends on the right preservative system being used. Ensure to clean and sterilize the equipment that you use to produce your skincare products, clean your working space, disinfect the containers, wash your hands and always use gloves. These are some basic rules that you must practice to avoid contaminated products. The procedure, precautions, and ingredients play an important role in the production of home-made skincare. It helps to keep your skin safe and healthy. 


As your skin is the most exposed part of your body to chemicals and toxics because of the use of cosmetics and beauty creams, your skin deserves personal care and relaxation as well. Along with home made skin care, you will only secure your skin from being exposed to chemicals but, you will also be able to soothe your skin cells with natural ingredients used in homemade skin care. You deserve to have a flawless and a healthy skin. Just ensure to look out for the 7 above-mentioned things when you make homemade skin care, and we assure you, that you will end up with a healthy and gorgeous skin. Stay safe and beautiful, you deserve it!

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