7 tips to make your home pet friendly

Pet owners are often worried if they are doing enough to provide a comfortable environment within their homes for their pets to live in. There are a number of ways in which you can ensure that your home is as pet-friendly as it is possible to be:

1. Choose the Right Flooring

When you have a pet in your home, it is always a good idea to go for solid flooring like porcelain or ceramic. These kinds of floorings provide a cooler surface for your pet to rest on during the warmer days.

It’s better to avoid flooring like wall-to-wall carpets because they would be a bit warmer for your pet and on top of that they would soon be a mess as pets tend to scratch almost every surface that they come in contact with.

2. Have pet-friendly furniture

It’s a point that is often ignored by pet owners. However, you must always remember to purchase pet-friendly furniture for your home or you will end up with furniture that has some unwanted stains on it or smells bad.

Also, your furniture would soon have scratch marks all over it. You should always spend some extra time and ensure that your furniture is pet friendly in order to avoid the future ordeal of having to deal with damaged furniture.

3. Don’t leave electric cables exposed

Exposed electric cables are a huge safety hazard for your pets. As we mentioned, pets have a habit of scratching almost any surface. If you have even a single, slightly exposed cable in your house, your pet will try to play with it and can end up suffering from injuries. You can use cable protectors to ensure that your pet doesn’t play with electric cables.

4. Use trash cans with lids

Pets are always curious about everything that is kept inside your house. Trash cans are no exception. It is very common to find a pet dog or cat trying to get a peek inside the trash can and sometimes even getting stuff out of it. However, it’s very dangerous.

If you leave your trash cans open, your pet might come in contact with some harmful substances that can make them ill. They might even end up eating something from the can. That is why it’s always a safe option to use trash cans that have a lid on them.

5. Don’t Leave Food Unattended

Just like with humans, it’s important that pets also stick with a diet that is good for their health. As a pet owner, you must limit their food intake to a quantity that is health for your pet.

However, if you leave any food unattended in the kitchen or any other place for that matter, your pet will waste no time and eat it up.

This food can mess with your pet’s digestive system as it is not accustomed to it and could even lead to some illness. You must always cover your food to avoid your pet from consuming it.

6. Provide a relaxing environment

It’s important for any pet’s health that it gets to live in an environment that is calm and relaxing. You must ensure that you provide your pet with such an environment.

Give it a separate place to sleep. This area should contain pet furniture and sheets that are comfortable for it. You can also keep pet-friendly indoor plants in your home. Keeping your house clean is also a major part of providing a relaxing environment.

7. Use Flea and Tick Medication

A flea or tick medication is one of the biggest nightmares for any pet owner. An infestation by these parasites can cause a great deal of trouble for your pet. It’s a good idea to use flea and tick medication during the beginning of the season where pets are most susceptible to such infestation.

There are a number of medications that you can find in the market to suit your purpose like NexGard Chews. This medicine is an FDA approved chew and has proven to be extremely effective in flea and tick protection in dogs.

Try and enforce all of these habits into your life so that your home can be pet-friendly and you and your pet stay in tandem. 

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