7 Ways to Fix a Sweating Toilet

When you think of maintaining or renovating your house, it is not only about bedrooms or living room. You have to concentrate on your toilets, kitchen, balconies, storerooms, etc. so that you get a house or an apartment to live happily. It is said that the taste of a sophisticated human being can be judged by his/her toilet. If it is stinky, dirty and full of leakage, it will always compel your guests to refuse to visit your house ever. Now, the sweating toilet is really a problem with many of you. 

A sweating toilet is really irritating. When it starts dripping from the toilet tank, your bathroom gets wet all the time and that can cause molds and mildews further. Also, a damp bathroom can be stinky and slippery that can cause several accidents. 

Why Does Toilet Tank Sweat?

Before knowing anything about toilet mixing valves or fixing the sweaty toilet, you need to understand the reason for sweaty toilet tank. Actually, it happens due to weather change. Basically, your toilet is a natural dehumidifier. That’s why when the moisture condenses; it starts dripping on the floor from the toilet tank. It also happens as the water inside the tank is cold while the moisture outside is warmer. Due to this difference in the temperature, you get a sweaty and dripping toilet.

What Are the Ways to Fix a Sweaty Toilet?

In the beginning, it may not appear as a serious problem for you. But, if left untreated as a sweaty and dripping toilet can cause serious damage to your bathroom later. You definitely don’t want to face those at all. That’s why, whenever you get to see any such issues in your toilet, you should immediately take certain steps before calling an expert. Here are the best ways to stop your toilet from sweating. Read on to know more-

1. Go for a Mixing Valve

This will always be the first step while you want your toilet to stop sweating. Actually, these mixing valves are kind of antiperspirant for your bathroom. Once you fix these valves, it will allow a bit of warm water gets mixed with cold water. If you are looking for the easiest solution, go for this one as it works always. But, if not, then it is time to call a plumber for better servicing.

2. Replace the Tank

Now, there is nothing easier than this method. Is your toilet tank sweating on a regular basis? Have you tried to stop this by installing toilet mixing valves? If you didn’t get any positive result, this is the time to change the toilet tank immediately. Go for a tank with insulation to avoid further problems. It is maybe a costly remedy, but you will get a long-time solution.

3. Install a New Toilet

Now, this is something big, yet the most effective. If you have replaced the toilet tank and still you get the problem back after a few years, you can go for replacing your toilet. If you go for a low-flow toilet, it will use lesser water than before. As a result, the tank will always have a lower amount of cold water and won’t get clammy easily. Check out the models with the built-in installation.

4. Keep Toilet Tank Warm

If you think about how to do it, you need to do a bit more research on this. Once you research on this, you will know that certain kits are available in the market which can keep your tank warm and prevent the moisture to get condensed and further dripping. If your toilet is sweating, buy such a kit now.

5. Reduce the Humidity of Your Bathroom

To stop your toilet from sweating, your main aim should always be to keep your toilet dry. You can keep the door of the toilet open, use lesser water while taking a shower and also you can install a fan in your bathroom so that the extra moisture doesn’t get stored up there. With these simple tips, you can keep your toilet free from sweating. 

6. Buy a Drip Pan

This is another effective measure you can take to stop your toilet from sweating. If you want an immediate result, you can place a pan beneath the toilet tank as a stopgap. But, this can’t be a permanent solution as you know. You need to consult experts for a permanent remedy.

7. Repair Your Running Toilet

A running toilet can be the main cause of sweaty toilet because it gets colder with the cool water. So, fix that first.

Hopefully, now you know how toilet mixing valves and other methods can help you to get rid of sweating toilet. Maintaining a house isn’t as easy as you need to concentrate everywhere. That’s why, you can try to solve any small problems so that it won’t become bigger and trouble you more and finally, drain the bulk of money. 

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