8 Beautiful Sceneries in the Middle East You Didn’t Know You Want to Visit

The Middle East is surreal, beautiful, and entice all kinds of adventure lovers and history buffs. With a range of offbeat travel destinations and spectacular mainstream, the region has begun to gain popularity. The paradise-like cities, natural charm, colorful culture, and community are thought to be catalysts in making the Middle East an amazing destination.

If you’re overwhelmed with its aura and beauty and you want to travel to the Middle East, here are our recommendations on beautiful sceneries that will surprise you right away before finalizing the itinerary

#1 – The Dead Sea in Israel

Bordered by the West Bank, Israel, and Jordan, the Dead Sea is among the most fascinating natural phenomena on the planet. Apart from some algae and microorganisms, the saltwater lake is devoid of life. There is no fish, seaweed, or any creature usually found around or in turquoise waters.

The Dead sea is popular for being the Earth’s lowest point (measures around 393 meters below sea level), is incredibly salty, and is the world’s deepest Salt Lake.

The Dead Sea is also one of the first health resorts worldwide, and for years has been the supplier of products such as potash and asphalt. Here, visitors enjoy luxurious spas, mud baths, and floating on its surface because of the natural buoyancy, which is mystically well-known to have powerful healing properties

#2 – Petra in Jordan

Also known as the ‘Pink City,’ the ‘Rose Red City,’ or the ‘Lost City,’ Petra is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an incredibly amazing ancient city nestled in the narrowest of desert gorges of Southern Jordan.

The magical surrounding desert landscapes and the pink rock façade are well-known for being among the world’s 7 wonders. It also has remnants of ancient tombs, temples, palaces, and mosques made of dusty pink sandstone.

#3 – Hurghada in Egypt

Pyramids are not the only reason to make a trip to Egypt. If you want to experience some of the world’s best snorkeling, without the worry of overcrowded beaches or breached reefs, head to the family-friendly Egyptian shorelines of the Red Sea
The lesser-known El Gouna Beach and the vibrant resort city of Hurghada are respites from the busy streets of Cairo. Here there are abundant sandy beaches, coral reefs, and a massive zoo, water parks, and aquarium.

#4 – Burj Khalifa in Dubai

No trip to Dubai is never complete without Burj Khalifa.
Situated in Downtown Dubai, UAE, Burj Khalifa is one of the most futuristic facilities worldwide and destination for tourism and travel. From its magnificent structural design, its world-class performance to its artful design, this grandiose tower is an extraordinary feat of engineering.

At over 2716.5 feet, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and also holds the world’s record for the highest number of stories.

Amongst other things, here you can enjoy gastronomic or culinary delights at the luxury resorts, enjoy stomach-turning and jaw-dropping views, or even relax at renowned spas while enjoying royalty treatment.

#5 – Amadiya in Iraqi Kurdistan

When life takes you to a magnificent and unique place as Amadiya, you might require to pinch yourself to check if it is all real.

Situated in Iraqi Kurdistan, Amadiya is a very photogenic, lovely village that sits on the flap flop of a mountain that dates back to the year 3000 BC.

From the Persians to the Assyrians, and many Christian and the Jewish community, lots of different religions and civilizations have left their footprint in the historical place. This town is also home to the three wise men, who began their journey to Bethlehem to meet baby Jesus after his birth.

#6 – Al Ain Oasis in UAE

Bringing the UAE’s history and culture to life, the historic Oasis (also known as the Oasis City) should be a compulsory stop for all those making a trip to UAE. It is no ordinary place and in fact, it is the first UNESCO Heritage Site in UAE.

Scattered more than 3000 acres, the Oasis City is one of the oldest inhabited settlements worldwide dating over 4000 years. The place also has stunningly gorgeous tranquil pathways with many palm trees, which are exciting to watch.

#7 – Manama in Bahrain 

Bahrain is one of the world’s tiniest countries situated in the Persian Gulf, between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Manama being its capital.

This country has a highly tolerant culture, which offers tourists and residents complete freedom. Furthermore, what sets Bahrain apart is that it strikes an ideal balance between traditional and modern living.

Manama is home to most Western ex-pats as well, who hang out in a famous area referred to as Adliya. Adliya has plenty of wall paintings and bars and makes people forget that they are in this transcontinental region in Afro-Eurasia.

#8 –Al- Hijr in Saudi Arabia

Formerly called Hegra, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the ancient Nabatean Arabs’ second city. Located in Saudi Arabia, the western Hejaz province, it’s a vast, amazing archaeological site, which would entice far more travelers if it were situated anywhere else in the region.

Al Hijr, also known as Mada’in Salih, encompasses 111 monumental tombs and 94 of them are decorated with striking facades. These tombs usually vary in size with the largest being approximately 22 meters and the smallest 2 to 3 meters.

The bottom Line

The Middle East is packed with landmarks, which are both modern and historical. Exploring the sites will give you contemporary examples of the incredible success that man is capable of. From the historic site of Petra to Burj Khalifa, there is much to indulge in, contemplate, and see. An adventure to this region will definitely give you an authentic insight into the true stories of the places and people here, past, future, and present
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