8 things to do immediately after a bike accident

It’s scary when bikes get into accidents with cars, and if you are riding the one, it is even more important to keep yourself knowledgeable about it. What you should do right after the accident can impact your recovery process. It can also affect your lawsuits and other legal processes.

So, what should you do? Here are a few things you should do right after the car accident:

Let the police come:

If there has been any casualty or injury, you and the person involved are legally bound to stay at that place. This will help police take action and file reports about the accident. 

Sometimes, minor injuries later become serious or permanent injuries.

Moreover, if you run from the accident scene, you might not be able to catch the faulty person. Let the police document everything, which later will help you get the right compensation.

Get everything noted in the report:

Report everything about the accident to the police so that you get your story in the report. Note everything about your injuries, and by things means every single detail of injury no matter how simple and minor they are. 

Just keep in mind that your minor injuries may later become serious or fatal.

Get driver information:

Make sure you collect every information about the driver like name, phone number, address, license number, license plate number, insurance policy number, and other important information. Also, don’t forget to gather the details of witnesses like name and their phone numbers.

Document at your level:

If you think you will miss any detail while telling cops, note it down! Make notes of everything that has happened. You can write about how it happened, the time of the incident, where the incident took place, the amount of traffic on the road, driver condition, the weather condition, and more.

Keep the evidence:

The next important thing is to preserve the evidence. For example, if there is any damaged clothing, keep it as evidence and don’t wash it. Or, if there are any damaged bike parts, don’t get them repaired and preserve them as they are. If you must have your bike repaired, take photos first and get a written report of all the damages.

Don’t try to mend things to bring them back to a normal state.

One big mistake many people commit after being involved in a car or bike accident is they try to settle the things on their own. They tend to negotiate with the opposite driver and insurance company to bring things back to normal.

Remember, the driver’s insurance company may pretend that they have sympathy with you. However, it is their way to convince you to settle before you get all the information ready for the claim.

So, don’t negotiate directly with the opposite party. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best thing you can do to further the proceedings. They are professionals who work in your best interests and help you get adequate compensation you deserve. They are experienced with cases like yours and know how to deal.

Seek Medical Attention Even If You Aren’t Injured

Even if your injuries are minor, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately and get a written evaluation. You might think that you don’t need to go to a clinic or hospital. 

However, some internal injuries take time to show their effects. What if you find any serious health issue due to the accident later? So, it is crucial to visit a doctor. Besides, have photos of the injuries and record the symptoms.

Be Prepared

Whether you are planning an adventure to the middle of nowhere or just driving on the road, carry basic bike tools and a few first aid supplies. Always wear a helmet no matter what. It will mitigate your risks so that it won’t cause panic when you get involved in a crash.

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