8 uTorrent Alternatives You Must Try For A Lightweight Experience

uTorrent is one of the most used, renowned, and successful file-sharing torrent sites. Several countries used the site for easy download of their favorite movies and TV shows. Because of its popularity, you may even find similar sites or apps where you can have absolutely free access. Most of them are safe and legal, which advises you to utilize VPN for online protection. Here are the lists of safety torrent alternatives you should try and check out this 2020. 


In terms of the most ideal and lightweight alternative site for uTorrent, Deluge is a free platform you must try. Deluge is a GNU GPLv3+ licensed Bittorrent site and supports all types of operating systems. You can even extend its functionality using a few plugins. Deluge consists of standard features like Proxy Support, Peer Exchange, UPnP, and Web seeds. 


qBittorrent is a polished open-source software that allows users to search for videos and audios through its extensible search engines. The software supports several platforms like Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux. qBittorrent pride itself on providing over 70 languages to its users. 

Users can stream and download videos from this alternative software without any hassle. It supports BitTorrent extensions, including LSD, DHT, Magnet links, and encoded connections, and even for RSS feed, IP filtering, and bandwidth scheduler. 


FilesStream.me is one of the safest download managers and authorized torrent alternatives. This also serves as your personal cloud storage and allows you to store video, audio, and magnets easily. With a speed of over 1000GBPS, you can effortlessly download any folders and files from the internet. 


Tribler torrent client is a free open source site that allows users to download torrent files without any advertisements. The software offers built-in search engine features and advanced security components, including onion routing and encryption. The main aim of the Tribler software is to provide the safest security features. 


Tixati is one of the most accurate platforms that you can use without disturbing you with some adware or spyware. This BitTorrent client supports various versions of Windows, including Windows 8, 10, and even in Linux. Its new release v2.68 is said to be more impressive and dynamic. 


This BitTorrent client prides itself on being one of the fastest cloud downloaders, which supports various platforms such as Android, Windows, Java, Mac, Ubuntu, and RPM. Frostwire allows users to browse and comfortably download the media they intended to download. With its built-in audio player, you can listen to different songs and even create your own playlist. 

WebTorrent Desktop

This streaming torrent app is said to be one of the best alternatives for uTorrent because of its incredible and similar features. It acts as an arbitrator for both WebTorrent and BitTorrent peers. WebTorrent Desktop allows you to get all types of files in just seconds, including Internet archive videos, audiobooks, and creative commons’ songs. This is a 100% open source and lets you experience the most lightweight and user-friendly app. 


Bitport.io is an alternative that supports numerous platforms. This guarantees you the fastest and safest torrent download from a protected online cloud. For a less hassle file download, Bitport.io does not require you for a new set up browser to make it accessible. Using your old version of the browser, you can easily save files in just split seconds. NOD32, an antivirus software, checks those downloads. 


Most of these listed uTorrent alternatives can be accessed for free. Their own built-in features allow a secure file-sharing and downloads into a storage cloud. They are compatible with numerous types of operating systems—no hesitation why you must try it this 2020 for an incredible experience. 

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