8 Ways to Improve Your Skin’s Health During the Summer

Warm sunshine may seem very nice during the cold winters, but it’s a complete nuisance in summers. Not only does the heat cause irritated mood, but equally irritating skin. Excessive sweating in summers clogs the pores. It hence makes the skin more susceptible to acne. Zits and breakouts have become a common occurrence. The skin fluctuates from looking extremely oily to extremely dull. Wearing makeup becomes challenging, as most of it runs down with sweat anyway. Moreover, the dull summer skin affects the general mood of the person as well; low-esteem results from not having good, healthy-looking skin. Furthermore, zits and acne can be a great source of physical discomfort as well. Hence, it is important to have a solid skincare regimen to prevent skin from suffering during the summers. Below are some remedies that can prevent the sun and summers from causing much harm to the skin. 

Use sunscreen

Sunlight has ultra-violet radiation in its rays, which damage the skin. More importantly, this radiation can cause cancer. It is hence vital to wear sunscreen to prevent the harmful effects of the sun. 

The choice of sunscreen is important too. To protect from all types of ultraviolet rays, one should opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen, with an SPF of at least 30. Sunscreen should be applied to not just the face, but all parts of the skin exposed to sunlight, like hands and feet. 

Drink plenty of water 

According to Dr. salman javed, who is a gastroenterologist in Lahore

“Summer heat can build up in the body. This not only manifests in the form of zits but can have an effect on the digestive system as well. Heat buildup can cause bloating, acidity and indigestion. For some people, it can also lead to ulcers and gas.”

Staying hydrated can help with the cooling down of the body. However, for gastric issues, one should consult a doctor to have a qualified diagnosis. 

Cleaning the skin

Sweating is the body’s way of dissipating the extra heat. Therefore, in summers, when there is extra heat, there is extra sweat. Hence, it is very important to not let the sweat sit on the skin. It should be wiped immediately, with a clean towel or tissue. Else, it can cause the pores of the skin to clog. Mixing the dust and bacteria present on the skin with the sweat can cause breakouts and acne. 

Moreover, alongside wiping skin, it is important to use good facial cleansers. They help clear away the dust. They prevent the pollutants from building in the skin and remove any irritants that may abrade the skin. 

Protect from sun exposure

It is important to not expose yourself to the sun for long durations. Sun exposure causes sunburns along with premature wrinkling and age spots.  Sunscreen can only do so much. It is, therefore, best to avoid the sun altogether. Afternoons can be especially hot, therefore, it is best to stay indoors during such peak hours. And if going out cannot be avoided, then try walking in the shade, or carry an umbrella. 

Choice of Clothing

Summer heat can be brutal, and it can be really tempting to wear shorter clothes. However, they come with the risk of exposure to sunlight and so, radiation. Hence, it is best to wear clothing with full sleeves and full-length pants. Wide-brimmed hats can protect form exposing the face to the sun. 

Ideally, tight clothing should be avoided. The sweat from the body gets mixed with the bacteria and dust on the skin. Friction from the tight clothing can, therefore, cause the skin to abrade. With the pores open and skin open, bacteria gain entry into the deeper layers of the skin. It can hence lead to acne. To keep the skin acne-free, loose clothing should be opted for instead. 

Hydrate skin

Much like how the body needs more water in the summers, the skin does too. Alongside drinking plenty of water, one should use moisturizers to replenish the skin. However, it is best to use light moisturizers to prevent the skin from getting clogged.  Hydrating masques, when used a couple of times in a week, can be helpful too. 

Exfoliate Skin

It is important to get rid of the dead skin. Since summertime causes excessive sweat, it can cause the skin to suffer from congestion. Exfoliation then helps get rid of the debris present on the skin. This makes the skin look less dull. Also, it helps improve circulation to the skin. It also facilitates moisturizers and toners to do their job, as improves their access to the skin. 

Choice of skin products

To prevent skin from getting clogged, the skincare and makeup products used should be summer-friendly. Substitute the oil-based cleansers with the lighter foam-based ones. Rather than a thick foundation, use a lightweight one. Also, opt for the non-comedogenic makeup i.e. makeup that does not have pore-clogging ingredients in it. 

Summer can be a tricky season for the skin. Taking a few precautionary steps can save a lot of trouble. However, unfortunately, sometimes these strategies can still remain insufficient, especially if one lives in a polluted and hot city like Lahore. In such a situation, it is highly recommended to seek a dermatologist. Evercare hospital Lahore has an excellent panel of dermatologists who are qualified to provide timely aid for skin. 

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