A Career In Hospitality Can Provide You Exciting Opportunities In A Top International Industry.

There’s no doubt that hospitality is one of the most varied, exciting and vibrant international industries you could ever work in. Hospitality courses in Cairns will provide you with all you need to know. From hands-on operations to specialized hospitality skills.

The career opportunities are huge and far-reaching. Ranging from receptionists, food and beverage attendants, function attendants and concierge. To hotel administration staff, room attendants, house managers, and duty managers. Or consider climbing up the hospitality ladder to human resources or general manager!

All these roles exist within many hospitality establishments. With the right training, including food and safety courses, you can get hired at some of the most prestigious places in the world.

When a business or person is well known for safe practices and cleanliness, a good reputation is sure to follow. And we all know that with a glowing reputation, customers and positive publicity are sure to follow. We can’t imagine the most popular places around the world, ranking low in food safety and sanitation. Can you?

A Food and Safety Course will be what stands you apart and might get you a top job over another candidate. After all, you are trying to grow and enhance the reputation of the industry, not destroy it.

Like any job, there is a serious side to getting a good wage and doing a good job. In any sector, there are courses that can help you make a mark. Sometimes they’re the things that don’t sound so glossy on the outside, but they’re the things that matter at the end of the day. We’re here to tell you why a food and safety course is going to be your best friend in the hospitality industry.

 Become the King or Queen of quality Customer Service

Do you want to get the jobs you want? Or even better, get head-hunted from prestigious bars and restaurants around the world? It’s the luxury resorts and renowned hotel chains in exotic destinations that make sure employees are A1 at their game. Make sure you’ve completed a Food and Safety Course if you want to be considered for the best of the best jobs in the hospitality industry. Set a new standard where your service is raising the bar to a new high.

From handling food to clearing tables, everyone will want to emulate your customer service game.

Want to run the show?

If you ever want to establish your own hospitality business, Food and Safety Course is the most useful. Why not start your very own restaurant, hotel, motel, pub, cafe or bar?

To be a respected business, you’ll have to comply with food safety and hygiene regulations for the country or region you’re working within. In setting up a business you’ll want to consider using reputable suppliers who maintain high food safety standards too.

Chilling, freezing, and thawing will come with a set of new definitions, and a Food and Safety Certificate will teach you those. The right training will make sure you’re up to speed on your food prep. techniques and critical cooking temperatures. It will also make sure you know how to avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen.

After the course is completed, you’ll understand the complexities of how to minimise risk in the kitchen.

Avoiding bad publicity

Haven’t we all seen the sad story on the news where salmonella took a local family by storm? The story makes national media headlines, and in the process, the hospitality business is forced to close its doors. Forever.

Staying up to date with food and safety regulations will help to keep your establishment safe and free from food-borne illnesses. No one wants to revisit a restaurant where an outburst has happened in the days, weeks, months or even years prior.

The only way to operate is to comply with all relevant food safety and hygiene regulations. All staff should be up to date with their Food and Safety Certificates. At all times. This will ensure that any possibility of parasites, bacteria, and viruses (that often start in the kitchen) are nowhere to be seen.

Remember, the dangers of non-compliance with any food safety laws, not only means bad news. It could result in fines too!

Benefits everyone

Food and safety certification raise the importance of high standards and the best food hygiene for business.

All students hoping to enter the hospitality sector will benefit from a Food and Safety Course. Why anyone wouldn’t want to learn the basics of cleaning, hygiene, cross-contamination, cooking and chilling is beyond us.

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