A Foot or Ankle Fracture Requires Time and Care


Dealing with foot and ankle fractures in Atlanta can be tricky. This is especially true if you don’t diagnose the problem quickly. When it comes to fractures of the foot and ankle, there are three main types. An open fracture or compound fracture is when the broken bone is pushed through the skin. Luckily, this isn’t incredibly common. A partial fracture is when the fracture goes only part of the way through the bone. Stress fractures occur when small cracks form in the bone due to repeated pressure. Sometimes stress fractures are called hairline fractures. Being called a hairline fracture doesn’t make it minor or something that can be dismissed. All foot and ankle fractures deserve attention and care. Of course, the first step is identifying the injury. 

Identifying the Injury

There are warning signs when it comes to a foot or ankle fracture. The most common symptoms are pain, swelling, tenderness, or bruising. You may notice that you have difficulty walking or that you can’t comfortable put weight on your foot. In some instances, you might notice that your foot appears to rest at an odd ankle. This indicates that it could also be dislocated. With a compound fracture, there could be bleeding, or you may be able to see the bone poking through the skin. 

In all cases, you should visit your doctor. A foot and ankle doctor in Atlanta is recommended. The doctor will perform a physical examination and order X-rays. This will help the doctor determine the type of injury and its severity. Fortunately, this usually doesn’t take very long.


The most common treatments are rest and ice. Ice is used to keep down the swelling. You might also be prescribed an anti-inflammatory or something for the pain. A medical walking boot may be provided as well. Medical walking boots are generally used for a broken foot, toe, or ankle. It helps to allow recovery. 

Unfortunately, healing simply takes time. Try to stay off your foot and allow yourself to rest and heal. Don’t engage in any strenuous activities and limit the amount of weight that you place on your foot or ankle. The easiest thing to remember is RICE. Rest to allow for healing. Use ice to help keep down the swelling. A compression wrap or boot can be useful, but don’t cut off the blood flow. Elevate your foot when you can. Recovering from foot and ankle fractures in Atlanta always take time.

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