A Great Idea of Taking Inflatable Bubble Soccer into your Party

Is your party still about eating, drinking, singing, dancing and watching movies? If so, you have to catch up with the trend. Now, inflatable bubble soccer is on the heat, and it has become the best choice for party activities.

Inflatable bubble soccer has a significant feature. Players must wear a huge inflatable bubble soccer suit, also known as bumper soccer balls or PVC soccer balls. This inflatable bubble soccer suit is round. After inflation, it will expand into a ball, which can completely cover the player’s upper body. Players in puffy suits only have their legs out to play. Under this kind of dress, the players will form their team to play the football match.

So how to play inflatable bubble soccer? And what are the specific rules?

First, the entire group of people will be divided into two teams. There is no explicit limit on the number of players in the team. Ideally, each side can have five players, but not less than four. Each side can allow an unlimited number of substitutes.

In this football game, all teams and players are treated equally, and no goalkeeper is appointed. 

The final goal of the game is to kick the soccer into the net. The more balls they kick into a net; the more points they will get. The winner is thus the team with the most points.

One more thing, the match has no duration set. The game can be played in two halves of 15 minutes each, or in four 10 minute quarters (i.e., the two sides of the game and the supervisor reach an agreement). Crossing the border will not cause time loss. The referee has the right to stop timing in case of suspension and a medical emergency. Each team could have a maximum of 2-3 pauses.

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Advantages of inflatable bubble soccer


Before entering the court, every player must be in the inflatable bubble soccer suit. In order to ensure the players’ safety in the suits, the bumper soccer ball must be fully inflated, and the player should fix their shoulders in the bumper soccer ball. This gives players plenty of buffer space and protection.

Besides, for safety reasons, players are strongly advised to wear leg and knee guards. This allows players to be protected from the top to the feet.


In the process of playing inflatable bubble soccer, the players of this sport collide with each other. Each player knocks, bounces, rolls, bumps, and hits another player when trying to score. Everyone involved in the game is detached from the sense of hierarchy brought by their daily identity, colliding and ejecting each other. Imagine how exciting it would be to bump into your boss in the office when you were at a company party. Any other type of game can hardly defeat the excitement it brings.

Unlimited personnel

There is no age limit for playing bubble football- both young and old people can play inflatable bubble soccer. As long as you put on the PVC soccer ball to ensure safety, the match hardly has too high requirements on people’s physical fitness and sports ability, nor will it cause excessive sports injury. It’s no more a football match compared to relaxing entertainment.

Unlimited site

Inflatable bubble football can be played in an outdoor football field or gymnasium, or other open space. A boundary line marks the area of the field. The whole inflatable bubble soccer match will be held in the marked area.


To have your fun party with inflatable bubble soccer, you might need to choose on the inflatable bubble soccer suits well. Cheerinflatable could be a recommendation for you. They have more than 17 years of professional manufacturing experience in producing inflatable products. It is now recognized as one of the leading inflatable product manufacturers in China. Its inflatable bumper soccer balls are made of PVC. They could be designed in red or any other color. 

To have your party prepared, you might get in contact with Cheerinflatable.

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