A simple guide to waxing your hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are surely expensive assets, but the look and feel of hardwood floors can’t be matched with any other type of flooring. From office premises to homes, hardwood is one of the top choices of flooring for many people. Hardwood floors are surely beautiful but you will also need to maintain your hardwood floor to increase its lifespan and preserve its shine. And one of the best ways to do it is by waxing the floor.

If you want to keep your hardwood floor shiny, brand-new and clean then it becomes very necessary to wax it. Most of people hire experts for waxing their hardwood floor as it is the best choice but if you are looking to do it by yourself then you need to follow a step by step process. So, let’s see how to wax hardwood floors through this simple guide.

Begin with cleaning the working area

The first thing that you will need to do is to clean the working area. Move all the furniture in another room or outside your house. Pick up your vacuum cleaner and get rid of every inch of dust and debris from your floor. But only vacuuming won’t perfectly clean your hardwood floor. This is why you will need to dampen the floor with the help of a mop. After using the mop, you will need to leave your floor to dry. Never begin the waxing process on a wet floor; otherwise, you will end up wasting the wax and ruining your expensive hardwood floor.

Get rid of the wax layers

If you have an old hardwood floor, then there are maximum chances that it would have been waxed before. Well, in such a case, you will need to get rid of the previous layer of wax first. Simple vacuuming and mopping won’t help in removing the wax and that’s why you will need to sand the floor. Many experts recommend using a combination of denatured alcohol and shellac to remove the previous layers of wax. After applying the first layers of shellac, you will need to wait for at least one hour so that the floor can dry out completely. Only then you can apply the second layer. You can also use stain after sanding the floor as the stain will help you in bringing back the natural dark color of the wood.

Apply the wax

Although there are different ways to apply wax on your hardwood floor but the most convenient and effective way is to use a mop. Just put a trash bag in a bucket and fill it up with floor waxing. If you pour the wax directly into your bucket, then it will cake onto the bucket and ruin the quality of the wax. After that, you will need to immerse the sponge mop in the bucket full of wax and get rid of the dripping wax from your mop by pressing the wringer portion. Then, apply the wax evenly on the floor. But remember to begin with the opposite side of the room. This is so that doesn’t step on the freshly waxed floor to get out of the room.

Wait for it to dry out

You can’t just go on applying new layers of wax one after another. Waxing hardwood floor needs patience. Leave the first layer of wax to dry out completely. Usually, it takes half an hour, but if you are living in a high humidity area, then it might take longer. You can also switch on your fan to make the floor dry quicker. But never point the fan directly on your waxing because it might hamper the adhesive. If you are not sure about the time your wax will take to dry out, then you can read the instructions on the wax packaging.

Apply the second layers of waxing

After making sure that the wax has completely dried out, you will have to apply the next layer of wax in the same way you applied the first layer. Always wax your floor in sections so that you will not leave a particular area of your floor bare. You should know that every wax has a recommended layer of coats and you should stick to these instructions if you want the best result.

Polish the floor

Many waxes in the market require no polishing, and they will remain sparkling without any effort. But then, there are those waxes that require polishing after completing the coating. The best way to polish your floor is by using an electric floor polisher. You will need to keep polishing your floor until it becomes glossy.

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of waxing your wooden floor. There is no doubt in the fact that at some stages of waxing, you will need specialized tools and equipment and this is the main reason why so many people hire experts for floor waxing. But if you are ready to buy these tools and equipment, then you can make floor waxing a DIY project without any hitches.

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