A Step by Step Guide for Custom Fragrance Bottles Design Process

When it comes to purchasing a new product, marketing plays a key role in influencing buyers’ decisions. Packaging design is one of the tools exploited by marketers to persuade clients to buy a company product. This affirming trend makes no exception even in the perfumery industry. For the most part, people’s choice is dictated based on the perfume bottle appearance and the brand image.

As a result, professional firms invest a substantial amount of their budget in having an original custom made packaging. Today we will talk about custom fragrance bottles, introducing you to their step-by-step design process. 

Perfume Bottle Design Study

Before starting drawing some ideas, the designer needs to undergo a lengthy study process. There are many different aspects to consider before beginning. During this time, both parties need to have a closer discussion to identify better the right direction to take. The professional need to know about his client’s brand, product, and expectations deeply. 

The first thing to do is to have more information about the customer targeted clientele. Packaging can be completely different, depending on the end consumer gender, age, status, lifestyle, and habits. A perfume style for a woman of high social status in her forties, would not look like one thought for a young girl. Another aspect is related to the trends. In terms of shape, this year went back to basics, simple geometric forms, and attention to details and decorations. Ultimately, it is essential to know your market segment, aiming at your product’s most appropriate client base.

Understand who the end client is, and his/her taste is not enough. Although this information is valuable, they are not sufficient to beat the competition. Experienced designers need to create dedicated custom fragrance bottles that also reflect the brand identity. The brand image that is generated in the consumer mind is crucial. The uniqueness of a company is not just in its logo. What is your core value? What is the motivation behind what you are doing? What let you stand out when compared with your competitors? These sorts of questions are useful for the designer to come out with the original idea to highlight your product. 

Abely Perfume Bottles and Perfume Packaging Solutions

Custom Fragrance Bottles Design Process

After understanding the brand and thinking about several ideas, it is time to start drawing some perfume bottle design sketches. At this stage, designing teams summarize all the gather information about the client and decide according to budgets about the custom fragrance bottle shape, coloration, materials, decorative finishes, and eventual accessories.

Following the perfume bottle drawings’ approval, the next step is to move them on the computer. The image is covert in a digital format with 3D modeling. Digitalization is essential for technicians to check the scale, dimension, and structure to give some feedback to the designers. 

Top designing companies associate digitalized format to real prototyping and mock-up. Physical prototypes serve its purpose to see the general result and to make sure of the feasibility of mass production before creating a customized glass perfume bottle or perfume cover mold.

The final step is utilizing 3D renderings to provide the customer with a more definite idea of what the final product would look like. 3D renders capable of representing the item in great detail, including showing custom fragrance bottles’ finishes and colors.



Finding original and innovative ideas of perfume bottle design is crucial to stand out in the perfumery industry. We would recommend to research for affirmed professionals. Increasing its popularity online, we have come to know Abely Perfume.

The company is specialized in providing personalized custom fragrance bottle with one-stop solutions, supporting both primary and secondary packaging. Perfume bottles help perfume brands convey the message behind their fragrance. Abel offers extensive range designs and unique decorations such as polishing, lacquering, metalizing, hot-stamping, decal, frosting finishes.

If you are interested in finding custom fragrance bottle designing experts, Abely welcomes the chance to share its ideas to highlight your product and brand image.

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