Accountant: what he does and when you need it

What exactly does the accountant do? If you have just hired one or you have been told to use it as soon as possible, read this post and you will find out what duties this professional does and when you absolutely need to rely on his services. First of all, it is good to know that an accountant, according to the definition given by Wikipedia, is a doctor “with a degree in economics, business, tax or finance, enrolled in a special professional order”.

Accountants have expertise in the following subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Commercial law
  • Tax
  • Tax law
  • Labor law.

Their profession consists in drawing up the income and balance sheets of companies and private citizens. That’s why, whether you’re a freelancer or a business or start-up owner, you sure need one.

He doesn’t just keep your accounts

The chartered accountant, this is the correct name, does not only take care of keeping your accounts. First of all, he is able to provide you with adequate professional advice (together with the notary) if you intend to open a company that is legally and fiscally “up to standard”.

As his client, he informs you of the news in tax matters and studies with you the best strategy to pursue, naturally in full compliance with the law.

It offers you valuable advice in the case of a company reorganization or in case you want to set up a start-up, studying the best fiscal – fiscal and legal conditions to get your business off the ground in the best way.

Accountant Parramatta represents you before the bodies of the tax jurisdiction, even in the event of disputes, preparing all the corporate accounting (and tax) documentation and defending the work and interests of your company/business (its client).

Then, of course, he also keeps your accounting as a freelance or self-employed professional with Tax number or that of your company and takes care – as a qualified professional – of transmitting your tax return, trying to reduce the tax levy – even by staggering it – in order to protect your assets. 

He is the “doctor” of your business, consult him!

Do you want to know if your professional activity is healthy? Do you want to know the growth strategies you need to focus on if you want to increase your turnover? Do you want to start a start-up, but you are (presumably) fasting on tax and tax matters? 

The list of questions could be almost endless. He can give you the answers: the chartered accountant. That’s why, in all likelihood, you need to hire one soon. The accountant, in fact, is a professional trained to answer all your questions regarding your professional activity or your company, from a fiscal and tax point of view. It assesses their state of health, growth prospects, and strategies to make the tax burden sustainable. In other words, the chartered accountant helps you develop efficient and effective business management. Always consult the best firm to file annual accounts.

If you are a freelancer, it helps you choose the best regime to open your tax number and assists you in billing processes, in monitoring cash flows, and in dealing with INPS or professional social security funds.

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