Airpods Pro Review

The Earbuds Which Are Almost Perfect.

We have been using Airpods Pro for a few weeks now. We have tested them in the city, subway, public transport, and whatnot. The point here is, from now on these are our favorites. And yes, we left all the other pairs at home and have not taken them since. 

The practice showed, that the first edition AirPods had no real competitors. The second version just proved this fact.

What Conquers The Market

At first, people did not see AirPods Pro as a phenomenal device in terms of design, but as we all know, Apple magic works with everything and these headphones suddenly became not only a cool set for the audiophiles but also a stylish piece of your daily look, especially if you buy stylish protective case, more AirPods Cases you can check here. A sort of a status symbol among the Millennials. 

Carrying The Magic Through

The size of AirPods reduced significantly compared to the previous version, and you can hardly recognize them from a distance. We give plus one point to Apple for that. 

The case has changed a bit too. It became a bit wider and smaller in height. But what really matters is the disturbingly satisfying click-sound it makes when you close it. We bet many people purchase Apple products just for that.

A lot of people have been waiting for the noise-canceling feature, and it seems like they have been heard. The technology itself is old enough, as many manufacturers have their products on the market. AirPods is no exception – you can barely hear the noise around you, while the music stays pretty clear and bright. We believe this happens because of the shape of the silicone tips. Apple does put a lot of effort into the developing the most comfortable solutions for each and every person’s ear. 

We Do Not Need To Know The Details

Indeed, a lot is happening behind the scene. All the technologies Apple uses to satisfy our needs are impressive and there is no need to dive into them. Let’s take the transparency mode as an example: how can a piece of plastic and metal distinguish human’s voice from the street noise? We bet you do not know. 

Other tech features, like Siri support or the newest chip, are also pleasant benefits, which let AirPods be ahead of the game. Again. 

All in all, all of that stuff just works. And it does so the way you expect it to do.

Talking Of Drawbacks

Of course, nothing is perfect in this world, here are our thoughts.

The silicone tips get really dirty with time. The problem continues since the first version of AirPods, as a lot of dust and dirt are making its way to the case, meaning it is not a perfect seal. Once again, the use of protective cases may be the solution, you can visit iheartmycase and choose any case

Moreover, one of the most important parts of the headphone is the microphone, as it catches the sounds from the outside. If the dust will reach it, you can leave them on your shelf. Forever.

The last but not least, the form factor stays the same. The case itself is made of the same scratchy plastic, which will become ugly with time. Well, we guess we will have to cope with it till the release of the next version.

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