Amazing Applications of Essential Oil

We all heard of and know about the many benefits we can achieve through the usage of essential oils. But there are so many more uses that most people don’t even know about.
I have laid out a few useful applications of these essential oils:

1. Weight loss

Best Oils For This: Grapefruit Oil, Ginger Oil, Lemon Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint Oil

Weight loss is something that requires time and effort. The critical essentials for weight loss usually achieved through ‘Diet & Exercise.’

But the issue is that most don’t or rather- can’t always commit to a proper routine for fitness maintenance. This is especially the case for adults. So what we can do is incorporate all the small things to make our efforts count.

Essential Oils happen to be JUST the thing. So some of these oils help by increasing your recovery period from a brutal workout session. In contrast, others help you raise your metabolism, and of course, boosting levels of energy to really make the most out of your workout is one of the many benefits that correlate to diminishing fat.

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2. Skin Care

Best Oils For This: Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Copaiba Oleoresin Organic Essential Oil.

The skincare industry is ever-growing, and the variety of products that we are offered and we use too keeps on growing. However, some of these have long term adverse effects, while others make you feel suffocated. Then other products are made at the cost of animal cruelty.

Essential Oils happen to be something that doesn’t rely on animal cruelty and is perfectly natural. Plus, the variety is vast, and they are rising in number with passing the time.

Now essential oils don’t differ in fragrance only. Each of these oils has its own unique properties. So the ones that aid and enhance your skin health can be further categorized in ways they assist the skin.

Some essential oils help by fading scars, while others keep you moisturized and hydrated. Another interesting way essential oils help us is through boosting our immune system, which affects the skin as well.

In fact, these oils are so effective that these are used to produce specific skincare and therapeutic products. There other ways essential oil contributes to the betterment of your skin.

3. Hair Growth

Best Oils For This: Rosemary essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Thyme essential oil, Clary sage essential oil

Essential Oils are not just the essence of the plants and leave the oil is extracted from. There are other chemicals at play. These, too, affect your overall hair growth in different ways.

Some will either improve your scalp health, while others strengthen your hair follicles.

A recent study showed that Lavender Oil generates cell growth and reduces stress, and we all know how stress is one of the leading causes of hair fall.

Peppermint Oil’s cooling sensation helps by increasing sensation and stimulating to promote hair growth.

Rosemary Oil is used as a hair treatment agent, minus the itching that usually follows with other chemical constituents.

Cedarwood Oil balances out the oil-producing glands on your scalp, not to mention the antifungal and antibacterial property this excellent oil comes with.

Just mix a few to several drops of essential oil to approximately 3 tablespoons of carrier oil of your choice to make hair treatment oil for yourself.

4. SunBurn

Best Oils For This: Peppermint essential oil, Tea tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil

The essential oils that help with sunburn are because of these properties they possess: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, vasoconstrictor, antiviral, immune-boosting, anticarcinogenic.

Albeit, there has not been much research done on the effects of essential oils with sunburn, however, this micro-study was conducted where a group of similarly sunburnt girls was provided with sunburn treatments, and one was presented with an essential oil treatment.

The girl with the oil treatment developed just one infection in her bloodstream. In contrast, others received two infections in their bloodstreams and four additional hospital-acquired infections.

Plus, some of these oils, because of their healing properties, speed up the regenerative capabilities of the skin. Others provide pain relief.

To be noted: Geranium oil induces skin irritation in the user.

You can try using these SPF sunscreens to reinforce your sun-shield.

5. Pain Relief

Best Oils For This: Helichrysum oil, Marjoram oil, Chamomile oil, Yarrow Oil, Cypress Oil

Oil has been used since ancient times to relieve pain. Some of these essential oils have been particularly popular among the folks for pain.

Again, just like every other application you read through this article, essential oils relieve pain in their own respective ways. For instance, black pepper oil will drive up your metabolism, which incidentally will help with the pain, because of increased blood circulation.

Others like clary sage oil reduce spasm, clove oil acts as a painkiller to some extent, and the list goes on and on.


I hope you guys found this article to be useful and can use this for any future predicament you may find yourself in.

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