Are ball pythons friendly to humans?

Reptiles are cold-blooded—that’s a fact. However, these ectotherms are also considered to be cold-blooded in other ways, with snakes, being particularly so. Their instincts for a life of solitude persist even after decades of captive living, earning these scaly creatures a reputation for being as beautiful as they are aloof. For this reason, most snake owners accept that opportunities for hands-on interaction with their pets may be limited. However, that’s not the case for all snakes. Ball pythons are a shining example that just like dogs, cats, or humans, temperament can vary and some of us are naturally more friendly and social than others.  

Can Snakes Be Friendly?

Yes. Sort of. If your idea of a friendly pet means that they greet you by the door when you arrive, seek you out for snuggles, or otherwise demonstrate affectionate behavior, you’re going to be disappointed. 

Snakes, and reptiles in general, simply don’t have brains that are developed or sophisticated enough for those emotions needed for love and affection. Instead, their emotional range is limited to what’s immediately necessary for survival; hunger, fear, defense. If your snake seems indifferent to your presence, it’s not you, it’s them. Really. 

What’s Considered Friendly Behavior In Snakes?

Before making the case on how lovely ball pythons are to be around and interact with, let’s first define what a “friendly snake” actually means. We already established that reptiles can’t be held to the same standards as a more intelligent creature such as a dog, cat, or even bird. What positive feelings or behaviors are snakes capable of? It’s limited, but snakes have their own unique way of demonstrating positive feelings.

For the most part, friendly snake behavior resembles that of trust and security. It means a lack of aggressive behavior such as hissing or striking. A relaxed indifference is a great sign that they’re not feeling threatened by your presence. Friendly also means that the snake is social and well-adjusted to human interaction. This translates to a greater tolerance for being picked up. A friendly snake won’t become stressed out or agitated when coming into contact with a person. 

How Friendly Are Ball Pythons? 

There are a handful of snake species that are known to be incredibly friendly. Ball pythons are easily one of the top three. Inherently tame, docile, and non-aggressive, these qualities capture all qualities of what’s to be considered a friendly reptile. They are also one of the reasons why ball pythons are widely regarded as one of the best pet snake options for beginners. 

Ball pythons have some of the best tolerance for handling. Many snakes can only be handled occasionally for a short period of time (maximum 15 minutes). However, ball pythons are known for being at ease with daily interaction and for greater periods of time. 

Additionally, these sweet serpents are known for being scardey cats, a quality that makes them safe and easy to interact with. But these reasons are just the tip of the iceberg why so many people love these snakes. Ready to own one of your own? Shop ball pythons for sale, today!

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