Are there any specific checks a vehicle owner should handle before the MOT test?

Post the implementation of the new MOT test, more than one-third of cars that went through it didn’t clear. This only went to show that the test was important and vehicles were not as roadworthy as their owners thought. However, since the MOT is a mandatory annual test, it has to be handled year after year and vehicles that fail have to re-apply otherwise they cannot be driven. So here are a few hacks you can handle to make sure you pass the important elements of the MOT test in your first attempt. 

Check vehicle emissions and the exhaust system 

Since one of the main features of the MOT test is making sure cars aren’t damaging the environment, vehicle emissions have to be closely monitored. If they do not fall within the required range, the vehicle would have to get some engine work done so that it does. This is one of the major reasons why cars should be reviewed before the test. The exhaust system should be perfect as well and examined to prevent leaks and other hazards. Another aspect of the car connected to these systems is the fuel. The car should have a proper fuel connection without any leaks. If everything is clean and properly functional, exhausts should be in the required range. 

Double-check the brakes, wheels, and tires 

This aspect was not always given as much importance as it should have been. Now, however, it is being checked with a magnifying glass. The tires need to have the right amount of threading. If they are worn out and not within the necessary range, they need to be replaced. The same for the brakes, which have to be as sharp as possible. A large number of accidents are caused because brakes don’t work the way they should. The brake pads and fluid need to be replaced and topped up after travelling significant distances. Additionally, the steering needs to be in shape and properly set up, when the steering wheel shows straight, the car should drive straight. 

The mirrors and windscreens have to be functional and clear 

All vehicles have mirrors and some drivers find them aesthetically unpleasing and remove them. 

Cars need to have all their rearview mirrors and back facing mirrors at the time of the test. 

Additionally, the mirrors should be functional, adjustable, and capable of being moved whenever needed. The windscreen needs to be clear and the driver should have a proper vision of the road ahead. If there are stickers added to the mirror, they must be cleaned. There should be cleaning fluid in the car to clean the windscreen in case of dust or other dirt that could obscure the view. 

The wipers and their blades should be changed and working properly. If you try to clean the windscreen and the liquid or dirt stays on the screen, the car would be graded poorly. 

Doors, seats, and seatbelts should work the way they were intended 

The doors should be as smooth as possible to open and close without any trouble. Other than being comfortable, the seats should be at the right height so the driver can see ahead. The individuals should also be securely seated wearing a seatbelt. All three, the seat, seat belt, and doors, have to be properly functional with the seatbelt and its clamp working as well. 

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