Augmented Reality Games You Should Try Today!

Augmented Reality

Gaming is entering a new era with augmented reality (AR). This revolutionary technology promises to take the industry to new heights. 

It all started with Pokémon Go, which got people up and about, trying to catch them all. It made for a fun experience, and if you think that was great, then you’ll be blown away with the kind of games that are on the market right now. AR is evolving and it has some amazing new games that you should give a try. Here’s is a list of the top five you should download now.


One of the most popular AR games out there, Ingress is a real treat. The story goes that scientists in Europe have discovered some exotic materials (XM) at the CERN labs. Associated with shapers, this substance is somehow connected to aliens and you must form alliances and save the world from destruction. 

Parallel Kingdom

If you were looking to escape reality, this could be the game for you. The parallel Kingdom is location-based which means you’ll be roaming the real world. Your task is to make friends and claim territories. This world may be based on the real world but it extremely intricate. It’s also massive so you’re sure to have loads of fun. 


Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt?  If you have children or are going to a family get together, you might want to take this game along. 

This game turns your home, or any space really into a quest territory. You can place treasure boxes in corners for people to find. A sure way to keep kids busy and engaged. The best part about it is that despite being free, it has no in-app ads ruining the fun. Sure it has some creases to iron out, it still makes for an adventurous day.

Temple Treasure Hunt

For the grownups that seek some treasure hunting of their own, Temple Treasure Hunt is the game for you. The game uses a real map of the location and you can play it outdoors and indoors. What you have to choose a role: treasure protector or treasure hunter. If you opt to be a hunter, you’ll have to find the treasure and if you choose to be a protector, then you’ll be tasked with creating treasure trails. Along your adventure, you’ll encounter characters from the Indian mythology who are the treasure guardians. 

Army of Robots

If you’re into shooting and fighting, you should download this app right away. The first-person shooting game has twelve levels. You must wade through the real world taking down enemy robots. There just might a few in your backyard, so keep your weapons on the ready and when they fire make sure you jump of duck to the side. 


With this app, the world becomes your canvas. You can travel to the town and post texts and messages wherever you go. You can leave a trail for your friends to follow or create your own treasure hunt. You can even leave heartfelt messages if you so desire. You can share your message with other users and discover the one they left as well. 

Clandestine: Anomaly

If you’re looking for space adventure, check out Clandestine: Anomaly. 

In the game, aliens are trying to take over the planet and only you can stop them. Use your smartphone and wield it as the powerful weapon that it is. Turn it into the ultimate weapon to destroy them. You must devise your own defense strategies to fight the aliens and thwart their advances. 


This racing game lets you sprint through an impressively detailed human body. You can speed through the capillaries to get from one organ to another. The best part about it is its scaling. It gives you a really good idea of how it would look if you were shrunk to a microscopic size. It sounds like a boring educational game, but it’s not. Even if you’re into the learning part, the colorful scenery and storyline will ensure you have a good time. 

Final Words

These apps guarantee hours of fun. Just make sure you have a high-speed reliable internet connection like spectrum telefono so you never miss any action. With fast download speed, you’ll have the games installed in no time. Given that all the games need geo-location, subscribing to a great network is essential. So, give them a call and let them set it up. All you need to worry about is killing the monsters. 

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