Balanced Food for a Good Health and Great Life

The food we eat is fuel for our bodies. The balanced management of nutrition in the consumption of food leads to good health. In today’s busy world, the vast number of people tend to incline more towards packaged and fast food; which is not good for health. However, a smart diet and healthy food choices can help prohibit diseases. Moreover, the intake of the right food helps our body to fight more successfully with an existing illness. 

We need to know about the disease caused due to nutrients deficiency and giving attention to what we should eat to maintain or improve our health.

Even if you are eating enough, but instead of eating healthy, you are eating more of processed food, you are still at risk for particular nutritional deficiencies.

Vitamins Deficiencies

One of the most prevalent nutritional deficiencies is a deficiency of iron. The blood cells require iron in order to supply oxygen in your body, and if you don’t get enough iron, your body will not function properly. Low levels of vitamin B12, folate, or vitamin C can also affect your blood cells.

Vitamin D deficiency influences the health of your bones, which makes it difficult for your body to absorb and use calcium. We can even get vitamin D by sitting out in the Sun.

Low levels of vitamin B1 leads to beriberi, low levels of vitamin B2 causes Ariboflavinosis, deficiency of vitamin C, vitamin K can lead to hazardous diseases such as Scurvy, hemorrhagic, respectively. You can take branded medicines to recover the level of vital B1 or B2, as prescribed by a doctor. 

You cannot fight the above-mentioned diseases if you continue to eat packaged and processed food. In order to prevent these diseases, you have to maintain distance from the packaged food that is junk food such as noodles, burgers, etc.


Now, we are going to discuss good nutrition, food and nutrition is a way that provides sufficient energy for our bodies from packaged foods. We need to replenish nutrients in our bodies with new supplies each day. One of the important components of nutrition is water. Other than water, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are also an important component for our body.

In order to maintain good health, intake of key vitamins and minerals is necessary. Pregnant women and adults over 50, can consume vitamin supplements such as vitamin D, iron, and mineral in order to cope up with a nutritional deficiency. According to the health of pregnant women, sometimes doctors prescribe branded medicines for pregnant women while sometimes ask to avoid medicines. For more information check out the Optimus Medica website

Good nutrition requires avoiding a particular kind of food. The packaged food is full of Sodium that is dangerous for people having high blood pressure. The processed food is full of fats, solid fats, and Trans fat which is harmful to heart health. Hence, we should try to avoid consuming processed food.

Natural food is considered as healthy food. A vast portion of a healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, green vegetables (cabbage, lady finger, bitter gourd, carrot and so on). Wheat and brown rice also play an important part in our diet. For adults, it is advisable that dairy products should be low-fat or non-fat. Protein can consist of seafood, eggs, beans, legumes, lean meat, poultry, tofu, unsalted seeds, and nuts.

We can conclude that we should start eating healthy food in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

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