Become Ahsoka Tano for Halloween

One of the most fun parts of Star Wars is how many distinctive characters there are. This is particularly fun for people who enjoy making and wearing character costumes. However, Star Wars also offers the distinct challenge of having characters that aren’t human.

Ahsoka Tano, for example, is a difficult character to make a costume for. How do you make the costume look convincing? Where do you start on an Ahsoka Tano cosplay?

The good news is just because the costume might be difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Read on to learn how to make an Ahsoka Tano costume.

The Makeup

The most complicated parts of an Ahsoka Tano costume will always be makeup and prosthetics. For this reason, it’s probably best to start here, so you’ll know if you can make the costume work.

An Ahsoka Tano headpiece has two long appendages that rise out of the head and then fall down the back. These have to be painted with the right patterns for Ahsoka as well. You might be able to find an Ahsoka Tano wig if you don’t want to DIY one.

Ahsoka Tano makeup will take time every time you want to wear the costume. This will involve using a lot of orange body paint wherever the costume doesn’t cover.

The Costume

On that note, once you have the headpiece and makeup, you want to make sure you have the right costume. You actually have a few options if you want to make a canon Ahsoka Tano costume. This is just going to depend on what part of the timeline you’re making the costume from.

So far, the character’s main appearance has been in the Clone Wars animated series. In this show, she is mainly shown wearing a padawan outfit with a few episodes featuring specialty uniforms. Take the time to decide which outfit you like best for your costume.

The Lightsaber

Finally, no Star Wars character is complete without their signature weapon. Ahsoka is one of a few characters that see their lightsaber change color throughout the franchise. That makes the lightsaber the most important of the Ahsoka Tano accessories.

In Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano eventually leaves the Jedi Order because of mistreatment. When she does this, her lightsaber turns white.

This symbolizes her separation from the Jedi but also that she hasn’t become a Sith Lord either. This Ahsoka Tano white lightsaber is the perfect accessory for your costume then.

Start Your Ahsoka Tano Costume Today

All that’s left for you to decide is how you want to go about getting your costume. Will you make your Ahsoka Tano costume yourself? Or will you find one to purchase?

If you want to make it yourself, then you should think carefully about what materials you want to use. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to just have fun with it. Costume making and wearing are supposed to be enjoyable hobbies. 

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