Benefits of interactive magazines

Today everyone knows that the classic magazine industry is redesigning itself. The global need for ecology with less paper production, need to offer “nomadic and digital” reading in a society where everything goes by very quickly.

This is why the online magazine, this e-magazine which still surprises, is growing. Also called an interactive magazine, its first advantage is that it can be leafed through with the index finger on the screen, it democratizes the notion of subscription, since anywhere and at any time, the reader can log in and read your favourite digital magazine, online!

For your business to position itself as a modern and dynamic entity, get started and develop your interactive magazines.

The digital version of your publications allows for fluidity, flexibility in the way of reading. Your information and news in the form of an e-magazine will be attractive because you will be able to enhance them directly on your site with media content accessible by Internet users in one click! You will agree that for today’s busy humans, this is a major advantage. Your readership can thus draw the image, the video, the link to a product, or the subscription to your newsletter without any worry. With a digital magazine, those who read your interactive articles find what they are looking for very quickly and that is the goal of modernizing your communication via this e-magazine medium.

The interactive magazine is also protean since the features make it readable on all media: PC, Mac, tablets, and also CD-Rom or USB key.

As we see every day, interactivity is increasingly entering our lives. With good reason, companies too are embarking on innovative communication that meets the desires of the optimized virtuality of most Internet users. By acquiring media such as digital magazines, it is the assurance of offering. user-friendly, personalized reading. The digitalization of the traditional magazine reinforces the idea that your reader is master of his navigation at the heart of the e-magazine.

Your job position essential features such as product links, a newsletter insert. A natural ergonomics with “back and forth” between the pages by the targeted search so that the reader can go directly to what interests him. No waste of time for him. If thanks to the online magazines you give satisfaction to your visitors, it’s won!

For a complete cartographer of the advantages of creating interactive reviews, we will summarize as follows: Simple navigation with a large place for intuitiveness for the Internet user. Typical contributions of attractive information easy to put in place for your target readers. The adaptability of e-magazine products to all types of screens.

Statistics feedback for your evaluation and the evolution of your future communications: reports of clicks, shared links, moments and duration of reading times are analyzable so that you perfectly adjust your dynamic and interactive content to the expectations of e-readers

You can also convert your boring PDF magazines into one of the most interactive virtual magazines with the help of FlipHTML5. The online digital magazine can be read on any device that has 3D turning of pages, videos, photos, and even audios. The numerous templates are there which you can choose to create your interactive digital magazine.

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