Benefits of Joining a Travel Club

If traveling is your passion, but you don’t like doing it alone, then have you considered joining a local travel club? Travel clubs are located right across Australia, so you’re bound to find one near you.

Finding a selection of travel clubs in your area is as simple as doing a search online. For example, you could type into Google:

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of joining a travel club and how club trips can enhance your adventures.

#1 – You Can Save Money On Your Adventures

One really awesome benefit of joining a travel club and going on adventures as a group is you will save money on your travels. To start with, if you all chip in and hire a van or a minibus, the cost is spread out among the members of the group.

Travel club organisers can also negotiate better deals with venues, hotels and so on. For example, if 20 people were to book in for lunch in a restaurant at one of your travel destinations, there’s a very good chance of getting a group discount off the price of your meal and drinks.

From a financial viewpoint, travel clubs make a lot of sense.

#2 – Travelling Is More Fun In a Group

While some people might prefer to go it alone, shared adventures are always a lot more fun and infinitely more memorable. You’ll always have someone you can talk to and look back on past travel experiences and fond memories.

A group environment also creates more atmosphere and excitement too. The camaraderie and anticipation will prove to be infectious. By the time you arrive at your destination, everyone will be raring to go.

#3 – Make Loads Of Cool New Friends

Benefit number three is one of the biggest advantages and positives of joining a travel club. Just think about how many new friends you’ll be able to make. Not just any old friends either, but people who share the same passion for travel and exploring as you do.

Having common ground is what forges long-lasting friendships. Your relationships with your regular travel buddies will go far beyond mere acquaintances. Chances are you’ll make some friends that you’ll have for life.

#4 – You Get To Travel To Places You’ve Never Thought Of

When it comes to traveling, everyone has different ideas and tastes. Travelers can also get stuck in certain travel patterns, where you tend to keep revisiting particular destinations or places that are similar. It can become a habit.

One of the really cool things about organized travel clubs is that ideas for places to see and things to do are coming in from everyone in the group. Chances are high that you’ll end up exploring destinations that you hadn’t even thought of before. This will lead to new and wondrous experiences that you may never have had without being a member of a travel club.

#5 – Every Journey Is a New Adventure

No two trips will be the same, even if you revisit the same destination multiple times. Different members of the group will travel at different times and new members may even join. That’s what makes a travel club appealing and group travel so much more exciting.

Every single journey is a unique adventure. You just never know what’s waiting for you over the horizon. Even if you do travel to the same location more than once, chances are you’ll be mixing with people who haven’t traveled there with you before.

#6 – Photo Opportunities Will Be Abundant

These days just about everyone has a half-decent camera, as they are built into smartphones. To record memories and to document journeys, you’ll have loads of opportunities for selfies, group photos, snapshots of the scenery, and anything you do while you’re there, as well as recording videos for social media, TikTok and YouTube.

There will be no shortage of photo ideas and opportunities when traveling with a group of fun people.

The Takeaway

Travel clubs offer so many benefits and advantages over traveling solo, so it only makes perfect sense to join one, get involved, and explore the state, country or even the world together.

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